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Handpan... My New Creative Challenge

A few weeks ago we went to our local beach for coffee and as we enjoyed the breathtaking views across the beach and rugged coastline beyond the sound of haunting music caught our attention. I turned to locate the source of this mystical sound I noticed a man playing what can only be loosely be described as an instrument shaped like a cataplana.

As the sound continued to float on the breeze, I felt a spiritual connection so I moved closer to inspect the instrument and how the different sounds were produced. Plucking up courage I asked the man what the instrument was called: A Handpan. I was hooked. Love at first sight or should I say, sound.

I asked him to play so I could record on my mobile phone. He kindly obliged and I decided there and then I must have one.

However, I was informed as they are handcrafted they are not only expensive but also have a long lead time from placing the order. We continued to talk and on leaving he gave me his card. Detlef Michael Cremer.

The moment I arrived home I spent hours researching what and where to buy. Especially, which tone (Scale) I preferred. It was at this point I began spinning on the spot as there were so many options. But where there is a will there’s a way… and I [STRIKE]will find[/STRIKE] found a way!

After a few days of scouring the net and various handpan Facebook groups, I found a manufacturer in Portugal who was accepting orders. There were only four manufacturing slots available, so I stepped way out of my comfort zone and ordered a handpan - scale Celtic D-Minor. My handpan should be read mid July. We will see.

This was actually quite a leap of faith as I'd never seen a handpan before, yet alone played one.

My children, thought I'd gone senile. An aged hippy... but there you go. Age is only a number and state of mind.


Simple in concept, challenging in execution. Unique sound.
I like it.
Yes, WF awaits the PiP Handpan recital.
Darren White;bt14335 said:
That sounds like a cool instrument. I expect a YouTube vid of you playing it, soon :)

I think you may need to wait awhile before I'll be posting anything on YouTube.

I still have to wait at least another six weeks.
Winston;bt14337 said:
Simple in concept, challenging in execution. Unique sound.
I like it.
Yes, WF awaits he PiP Handpan recital.

Yes, it's harder than it looks. Fortunately I used to play the classical guitar so hopefully it will give me a head start. The most daunting thing is that I will need to teach myself via YouTube videos as I've not found a local teacher yet.
Those look like they would be fun to play. I love messing around with new instruments. For your first song you should try something easy like DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames :D
Nah, I am seeking peace. this is more my style

This is very cool. I admire your courage to begin a new instrument, aged hippy, well, why not? Enjoy and share your video when you make one. Looking forward to it.

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