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As we become more and more people on this planet, with more and more automobiles attached – accidents are bound to happen :-(
Many people are today confined to a wheelchair because of that – all too many, I would say :???:
Some are just sitting there keeping their metabolism alive, and may be feeding the pigeons - where others find solutions for a more satisfying life.
If you’re a skier, you’ll want to ski again no matter what !!
So why not fix that wheelchair on a pair of skis, and go for it ??
Not exactly so, but that’s the concept.
We have a lot of skiers with such handicaps down here, but they don’t sit still waiting for Godot.
See here what a motoric challenged person can do when it comes to skiing, sometimes with a guide to steer – and sometimes without.

View attachment 17200

As you can see, it’s practically a wheelchair on skis, with miniskis on the poles

View attachment 17201

Ther’s nothing you cannot do if putting your mind at work !!



Bobo, you must really love skiing.

I bet you ski to sleep better at night, lol. Nothing wrong with that, though. When you love something, you see it everywhere.
What can I say ??
I’m a mountaineer, Kamino.
Ski is what we do during winter – come summer, we do something else :grin:
When you get the chance, go up a mountain and feel how you’re sovereign of the world :encouragement:

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