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Hammer and Nails ladies, Hammers and Nails...

Then I returned to the Shed complex for more tidying and preparing the area for storage.
While I was reinforcing the pallet’s with more wood and nails I struck my thumb nail with a clout from the ‘lump’ hammer.
I was using the wrong tool for the job, a lighter hammer would have been far more efficient.
I also wasn’t wearing my yellow ‘waldo’ gloves but the thinner ones I’d normally have for delicate work.
As I jumped about in agony I clouted a few dead trees and mother earth with the lumping thing.
After about two hours I realised the swelling from my thumb would be an issue, especially when it’s a nail injury. I’ve had these before on the oil platforms, if you don’t ‘trefine’ or relieve the pressure, the thumbnail can drop off.


Grimly taking my storm lighter and safety pin I heated it up and carefully pierced a hole in the nail, just underneath the red area.
Compared to the specialist tool a surgeon uses (a thick, broad, blunted heat wire with wards to prevent it going too deep) I had to be careful.
If I applied too much pressure the needle would go halfway through my thumb, too little and it would go nowhere.
After about 3 minutes I’d gotten through the nail and pricked flesh.
That was the ‘pilot’ hole complete, I then widened it with a thicker safety pin.
Not a pleasant experience, but the swelling eased off greatly and the healing benefits outweighed the small pain.
A tiny speck of discolouration showed at the nail-bed and that was the end of the first-aid drama


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