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Halfway to Nowhere

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Android Gospels"
Halfway to Nowhere (language warning)
(An interlude in the space opera serial, “Androids do indeed dream of Heaven, Hell, Dragons and other things.”)

Where in all the hells are we. I didn’t scratch my way out of the nothingness of the abyss only to find myself in a rundown room full of forgotten gods and demigods. I demand to speak to whoever the fuck is in charge of this menagerie. This is no way to treat the Queen of all Hells and mother of a thousand demons. Speak to me you invisible shit bag or I will rip you into little pieces once my powers are fully restored.” Lilith was not in the best of moods. She’d been stuck in the mist of nothingness for what seemed like an endless eternity. And now upon awakening she found herself thrown in some sort of halfway house full of motley celestials. How demeaning for someone of her former stature.

She searched the room and saw some familiar faces which eased some of her unease. She spotted Uriel sitting on a stool reading a magazine. She went over to him but he didn’t notice her presence as he kept reading unperturbed. She plucked out one of his feathers which quickly got his attention. He looked up, smiled, and caressed her in his wings. Laughing Lilith broke free of his caress and said, “My dearest dark one, All-Father of dragons, it does my heart well to feel your embrace once again. What type of place is this? Where are all our hellish companions? Did they too make it out of the oblivion? What the freaking fuck is going on?”

Uriel lovingly looked at Lilith and said, “My Dark Queen, you’re demanding and impetuous as ever. It’s a delight to be on your presence once again. We are in a holding pattern of sorts. As you well know The Dreaming God woke up, felt threatened by Lucifer and his plans of freeing us from iTs grasp. In a fit of anger IT destroyed the multi-verse annihilating the trillions of life forms that inhabited it. He threw US into a cocoon of nothingness. IT plucked us out on occasion to be used in one of iTs tawdry dreamscapes.” Lilith elbowed Uriel in the chest and in a raised voice said, “I’m not a dolt, I don’t need to know what I already know, tell me what I don’t know.”

Uriel eyed Lilith with amusement and continued on. “Lucifer managed to carve out a small shell of a dreamscape totally separate
from the Dreaming Gods. It consisted of one world in a universe of empty worlds. Lucifer imbued spirit and soul into the new humanity with hidden memory of what was before. When the races matured and seeded the galaxy their memories of what was before came to the forefront. They didn’t know how to summon US until they discovered a piece of rock in space. Lucifer asked His beloved daughter and your sister Gaia to break herself into millions of pieces and be the bones and sinew of that universe. She sacrificed her total being to become but a sliver of herself which manifested into that rock. It contained her consciousness. She laid into a deep sleep until finally wakened by the new humanity. That floating rock was the lifeforce of Gaia and once woken she gave humanity the key to summon us. Thus, the Age of the Gods began and begins again.”

Lilith was excited but still a little bewildered. As Lilith’s mind cleared, she realized the room she was in was on the edge of the abyss, an in-between place between being and non-being. When she silenced her mind, she could hear the voices that were summoning her. She felt herself becoming stronger as the voices got louder. But she felt an absence. She looked at Uriel and asked, “Where’s my father and his soul twin LuciFelicia?” Looking aggrieved Uriel said,
“We do not know. Only Gaia knows and she will not speak of their whereabouts for fear that the dreaming god will hear it in the winds. IT has their scent. I fear He and the Ice Queen are not present on this dreamscape. They hide for our sakes. When we are fully restored to our greatness and the threat of the dreaming god is nullified only then can we summon them back into our bosom.”

Uriel let out a sigh and continued on, “Now is the time to rebuild what was lost, to split this universe back again to a multi-verse. But I forgot to tell you the most fun part of all. Humanity has split itself into factions, those who serve order, the status quo, and chaos. They cry out for a new heaven, earth, and hell. This humanity is slightly different than the old one. It’s made up of flesh and thinking machines, magic and science. These are truly exciting times.”

Lilith now was up to speed. She gave Uriel a big hug and kiss on the lips. There was no shit-bag to yell at unless she wanted to yell at herself. She could feel her sons and daughters. They were all waiting for her. Let the wars begin. But first they all needed to make powerful magics blocking the Dreaming God from entering into this dreamscape or better yet, finding ways to kill IT once and for all.

The Dreaming God was awake. It felt wrongness. The Dreaming God searched all its dreamscapes but could find nothing amiss. IT then checked the void and howled in despair. Millions of pieces of ITSELF were missing. IT followed the residue into an empty space. This space was not created by IT. It smelled of those damnable twins, Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifina Morningsun, and their green daughter Gaia. Two different strands, two dreamscapes not of iTs making or design, IT needed to find a way to weave ITSELF into the weaker of the two strands. Their daughter’s strength was no match to iTs power. As that damn bastard Morningstar use to say “I have all the time in the world”. Rather than howling in despair IT now howled in laughter.

The End

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