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Halfway through the hour of the wolf...

I have no new writing to post, just words that want to spill out... Life's been a bit hectic lately and I haven't quite gotten through the thick of it. Car troubles are causing a significant problem--I work 30 some odd miles from my house, so bribing someone for a ride to work, working 12 hours, then bribing someone for a ride home is draining my resources--and my wits.

With an unusually busy work schedule coming up, this is a problem I have to fix soon. On top of the car trouble, the 'unusually busy work schedule' is in anticipation for our closing date, so I'll be laid off for the Summer sometime in the next two weeks. With all of this going on...well, there's this girl.

I won't divulge all of my romantic sorrows, but I will provide this summary: We dated and it was bliss, the bliss became reality, the reality became difficult to deal with. We 'broke up' but still saw each other frequently and were affectionate with each other. However, there was always resentment and scorn and the crushing feeling of arguing with someone you love. That's basically where I am now. We try to get along but we can't seem to do it. I think we might need a break from each other to live our own lives and, hopefully, the next time we see each other we will have a lot to say and there will be only good things again.

Some good news is: I've paid for my Summer business class on the principles of management. I've even found an ex girlfriend of mine that has taken the same class and still has the book! Maybe this doesn't excite you, but it saves me at least $50, and money is very tight right now. Luckily, I'm good at budgeting.

So within the next few days I will have to tow my car and buy two new tires, as mine have quit they're job as functioning components of the whole. I have the money for both of those things... the cheaper versions of those things, but everything to get my car running again, so it will do. After that, somehow I will come up with the money to last me until next paycheck. I'll find a summer job and keep a steady income. If the girl and I have to separate for a while in order for us to one day get along, I'll make sure we separate on good terms.

I may be fighting to keep the screws that hold my life together from flying out of place, but I'm not losing the fight. I can persevere through anything. I am strong and young and this life is mine. I will not take even one step backwards.


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