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Gun Crazy

Is it time to panic yet?

Maybe someone pulled the handle and I missed the alarm. Yet, I see the societal meltdown in progress. It's ugly, yet fascinating to watch.

Demand for anything gun related has skyrocketed. This morning, a newscaster told us that there are nearly one million AR-15 / M-16 magazines on back-order. I've done a bit of research, and it turns out that most semi-automatic pistols and rifles have doubled and tripled in price in the last two months. That is, if you can find one for sale.

We're all adults here. We know what's going on. The gun-grabbers have rolled-up their sleeves and are ready to ban anything thats black, with a pistol grip or detachable magazine. It's deja-vu all over again. I love the idea of banning rifles with bayonet lugs as well. The latest spate of mass stabbing and slashings necessitate this prudent action.

My elderly father-in-law simply wants to get a small pistol for self-defence. YOU CAN'T FIND ONE! He's seventy-five! They live in the boonies, where police take about ten minutes to respond. Well, he can wave his wife's walker in front of the bad guys for now, I suppose. I mean, he's in decent shape for his age. Still, I can understand you anti-gun zealots wanting to keep guns out the hands of dangerous fiends like him.

I can still find ammo for the kids .22 caliber for an afternoon of plinking. I will, however, have to leave the Glock and SKS at home (no fun for Daddy:icon_frown:) A few months ago, cheap 9mm target ammo was about ten bucks a box. Now it's close to twenty bucks, for lower quality rounds. The 7.62X39 Russian ammo is now almost impossible to find.

The local Wal-Mart is cleaned-out of most popular pistol caliber ammunition. And it's been that way for weeks. The department head told me that they get daily shipments, but they're snatched-up as soon as they rounds hit the shelf. Props to them: At least Wal-Mart hasn't been price gouging. And that's why their shelves are empty.

So a special "Thank You!" to three exemplary groups of citizens:
-Thanks to all you gun-grabbing morons with your perpetual 'do-something!' disease. You're already having an impact. Sip your venti latte' half-calf espresso with the knowledge that your actions are making the world much safer!
-Thanks to the psycho scumbags that shoot innocent people. I don't give a rat's stern quarters about your 'mental health' issues. Next time, invert the Murder-Suicide formula, and go first. Cleaner for us, faster for you.
-And Thanks to all the profiteers. If you can find some sucker to buy that AK-47 for two grand, good for you. Meanwhile, you're doing the gun-grabber's job for them by taking guns and ammo out of circulation. Great job.

Ignorance, fear and greed. Welcome to 2013.


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