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guitar man

for years a guy use to play a cardboard cut out guitar in the city an on the radio it reported he died in a nursing home an people clubbed in to send his body home to be buried with his parents...this guy was around for years an summit of a liverpool icon...just two stories..on someone stopped and said your playing that all wrong an he replied one of me strings has snapped and someone said i've got a pen here...billy butler a local radio presenter asked him how was he doing and he said someone put a cardboard 50 pence in his tin...great guy from a time when tramps were unique


I think it's great the way some people do what they do an for some reason they get into peoples hearts n minds while others come an go...must be the X factor thing..cheers ssssas
Not everyone leads cardboard life but just ask those who do....
Very touching piece.
Today another Liverpool legend died..sir Ken Dodd aged 90...both entertainers but miles apart...life is a journey...
Just read Echo online an another Liverpool busker Johnny has passed..first came across him when he opposed the council trying to make buskers get a license an fine homeless people in the city centre..he wasn't from around here but like many street entertainers found a willing audience here who liked him..only 35..when the weather permits to take in the varied entertainment on Church Street is a joy an it's all free..they add so much an he was cool

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