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A note of thanks to Darren White, who really helped with the English translation!

And I put in the "Balear", in honour of Marjon, because the original left her neighbours out.

The New Little Princess* (2025)

Chorus: (Typical Latin music: D progression, slow)Chorus: (Typical Latin music: D progression, slow)
GuatemaltecaGuatemalan girl
Solamente una guatemaltecaOnly a Guatemalan girl
GuatemaltecaGuatemalan girl
Que belleza guatemalteca!What a beautiful Guatemalan girl!
Que belleza en la selvaHow beautiful in the forest
Cosecha de las frutas y todos de las floresPicking fruit and picking flowers
Las frutas ella pone en las cestasFruit she puts in her baskets
Y las flores ella pone en el peloAnd flowers she puts in her hair
[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Chorus]
él es uno rico CubanoHe is a rich Cuban
Vivando en "el valle del paradiso"Lives in "Paradise Valley"
En america dond' ella gustaria voyIn America, where she'd love to go
él dice "vamonos" y ella vaHe says "Let's go" and she goes
Una guatemalteca en el carro del MonteroA Guatemalan girl in a hunter's car
[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Chorus]
Pero ese "valle del paradiso"But "Paradise Valley"
No es la clase de paraísoIs not the paradise
Que pensabas qu' eraThat she thought it was
En su casa de allí hayIn his house, there are
[a cappella, spoken]
Hmm . . . Qué?
[a cappella, spoken] Hmm . . . What?
Mexicana, guatemaltecaA Mexican girl, a Guatemalan girl
Cubana, americanaA Cuban girl, an American girl
Colombiana, peruvianaA Colombian girl, a Peruvian girl
Ecuadoreana, argentinaA Ecuadorian girl, an Argentinian girl
Paraguaya, uruguayaA Paraguayan girl, an Uruguayan girl
Dominicana, venezolanaA Dominican girl, a Venezuelan girl
Boliviana, chileanaA Bolivian girl, a Chilean girl
Canaria, andaluzaA Canarian girl, an Andalusian girl
Catalana, balear-ah!A Catalonian girl, a Balearic girl
Asturiana, Cathtillian' y vascaAn Asturian girl, a Castillian girl and Basqueue
Pero el dice (a cappella)And he says (a capella)
No problema, it's OK (singing again)No problem, it's OK (singing again)
'Cos you - you're Number 1 anyway!'Cos you - you're Number 1 anyway!
Y ella dice (a cappella)And she says (a cappella)
Si, soy el uno (singing again)Yes, I am the one (singing again)
Si, ell' es el unoYes, she's the one
Si, ell' es el unoYes, she's the one
Si, ell' es el uno - para!Yes, she's the one - stop!
Veinte chavas - puchica! (a capella)Twenty girls - what the hell! (a cappella)
Y luego ella le da (Spoken)And later, she gives him (Spoken)
Un gran cachimbazo!A big punch in the mouth! Boom!
(Singing with punk music: repeat to end)
(Singing with punk music: repeat to end)
Ojo de Cristo! Puede seas tuBetter be careful! 'Cos it could be you
Guatemalteca viviend' e'l zooA Guatemalan girl living in a zoo
Uno, dos, tres, quatro
(repeat 3 times then)
*All copyright in the author of The New Little Princess, Dr Jack Edward Effron


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