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Guardian (an excerpt from my WIP)

When I posted this before, I accidentally made it my blog "homepage", rather than an actual published entry. So I'm here to fix that. :p



Vibrant green plants, as tall as ancient trees, wavered in a sea of wet and oppressive heat. Condensation slid down their stems, dripped from the tips of their blades, feeding the soft rich earth. The flies and gnats that were swimming in the humidity just moments ago had disappeared. The chattering of unseen insects had ceased. All around him now the towering foliage rustled, but not by any wind. Gaps in the undergrowth grew ever smaller, ever darker, and something circled Remy.

"This air... it feels like breathing in water, doesn't it?" The whisper came from his left, and yet started in his mind. Remy stood still. The sweat on his brow ran cold. Silence.

"It feels like drowning without releasssse," it hissed again, this time in front of him, voice rising to a crescendo as its scaly head and neck reared into the sky, eclipsing the sun. The glint in the snake's hazel eyes fixed Remy in place. His feet refused to turn away.

"Who are you, wanderer? Sssspeak. And do not lie, for I only ask what I already know." The snake smiled, bearing fangs that were the size of a man.

"Remy- my name is Remy," he replied, barely able to catch his breath. He swallowed.

"That is the name you were given. But I have been called many names, and not all of them fitting. Have you still no memory of what you have forgotten?"

"I have forgotten," he answered shortly, choking back the terror in his voice.


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