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Having nodded off on the bus on my way to Barkton yesterday, as one does, being jerked back into the land of the tiring and the wearisome by the bus pulling up at my intended destination, then so as ( hopefully ) not to seem a complete arse, taking a few moments to reboot, restore, and finally getting off the bus one stop after the one prefered. It's cool. I wasn't asleep. I wasn't. I doubled back on myself and headed for the library.
It would be business as usual. Library, chip-shop,Morrison's, home.
Outside the library a huge woman sprawled on a public bench. I looked around as i walked, admiring the sights trying not to make eye-contact with her. I found myself wondering if she was wondering if i was trying not to look at her. ( not watching you not watching me sort of thing ) She had a nice face. Nice clothes. Everything about her seemed,,,nice, but she looked exhausted. So sad. Life eh?
At the chip-shop, the strangest thing. There was a young woman behind the counter and i swear i'd never seen her before nor her i, and yet, as i went to make my order i was greeted with "chips? Salt and vinegar?"Amazing.
"Yes please."
"That'll be one-fifty then. Thank you. Bye!"
I found myself a shelter and dug in.The chips seemed especially good today. Hot. Tasty. On a cold grey day, that was gusting ferociously, they provided no small amount of comfort.
Happiness, it's just shit waiting to happen. Isn't it? The lull before the storm. I mean pigs, winged pigs. Circling.High in the sky and below them i imagined there being a huge fan with my name on it. Where the hell did THAT come from?
Chips consumed i was good to go.
I was bracing myself for the grating sounds emanating from buskers corner but there were none. not a sound. A lowly downan sat in the sheltered corner where a row of shops juts out from the front of the shopping center. Come to think of it, i haven't seen or heard a busker anywhere. Even the loud music that came from behind one of the shops, which i DIDN'T mind, is no longer to be heard. Had they been moved on? Has somebody complained? Has a well appointed Barktonian been reading my posts? Downan isn't a pretty sight but he isn't bothering anyone. He certainly wasn't bothering me.
It's quite a long slip-road that leads off the main-street, down an incline to Morrison's and as i was walking back up with my shopping i could see a mobility scooter coming towards me. There was no time for the slow laborious task of negotiating those ramps between breaks in the path. No time for the path even. This ol' boy was in a hurry and he was blazing a trail.
Cue crazy crazy mind.
" i said big ben this here's rubber duck, we just ain' a gonna pay no toll. So we crashed the gate, doin,,,,,," six miles an hour maybe? I mean this sucker was really going for broke.
"Helen,,,, Helen,,,, Hell on wheels. Aint nobody else gonna know the he feels.............."
Oh dear.
Sleep deprivation can really screw you up.
Have i over-used the word "really"?
As i got back to the bus terminal a bus was pulling out. Yeah. Would you ephing adam and eve it? And the big ashtray was a huge disappointment. Since well before Christmas it had been stripped of the old flowers, freshened up, and re-set with Primroses and i was so looking forward to seeing those guys. Primroses and winter pansies are just the nicest ever i reckon. Well, they've finally flowered. Sort of. They're so small and puny looking. It's just not happening with them this year.
Going home i had the whole top-deck all to myself bar a couple of teenagers who sat right behind me. An empty bus, they sit right behind me and talked bollocks non-stop. Downstairs a lap-dog yelped with excitement. A toddler threw a tantrum and i was so glad to get home.

Happy daze.



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