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Good Writing Part 1

Writing is easy. As with speaking, you can make yourself understood with a surprisingly small number of words. The ultimate goal of writing, however, is to communicate an idea or an emotion or some information to people you may never meet.

Good writing is not easy. You much draw your readers in and keep their interest. You must choose each word for maximum impact. You must include the absolutely necessary and exclude everything else. You must have a message, and you must express it unmistakably. You must identify your audience and tailor your message to them. Anything less may be understood, but that's all.


Your statement reminds me of the power of a song, very concise, descriptive, something that triggers a memory or thought. I have zero musical skills but envy those who can craft a song that sticks in your mind.

I am a firm believer in the short story format just based on the idea that you can tell an interesting story in such a short span, something I strive to do when I write

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