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Good news and bad news

Good news and bad news: wife is feeling better, but now she wants my rear to get busy on summer projects.
Today a fence in the front yard. Temp today supposed
to be 108f. Luckily I've got a local handyman to help - we started about 9, about noon I'm wilting (it's already 95f)so rather than call 911 we quit, finish tomorrow.

We've already got the posts in - did that the other day.
He's got a come-along to stretch the fence - now to the shower and take a nap.

Maybe one of these days I'll get back to writing.


I should have known when to stop as you did.
I did a bit of weed clearing in the front garden this morning, some how manage to strain something, and now I'm struggling to walk. Hope it's just a muscle-strain. Living and learning eh?

I really should stick reading.

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