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Going dry this weekend, and maybe i'm just old.

These past few weeks i've been unable to stay awake all day Saturday. I'm on the go from around 3.00. pm on Fridays, work a Friday night-shift, on Saturday mornings i go do some shopping, then, as i have done today, finally getting home at around lunchtime, i am able to kick off those damned boots and declare weekend. The first thing, well, no, the second thing i do, after switching on and logging in, is pour myself a nice big mug of Cider. Only this Saturday there'll be no Cider.

Late afternoons i get to about four o'oclock and seem to hit a wall, slam'bam i crash. It's as much as i can manage to flop onto my bed just a few yards away and curl up under old black, my snorkel Parka. For a couple of hours i out for the count, totally zonked. Okay, so i'm an old man. I work nights, outside, whatever the weather and maybe my body as simply had enough. Or might it be something more sinister? I need to see if i can get through this. If it isn't the booze that's causing me to run out of steam, do i tell my GP when i see him on Monday? Will see how today goes.

Right now, i'm hungry.

We shall see...


It's gone four and i'm still here.
Gotta be the booze.


i saw a practice-nurse, not a doctor. Answered a few questions. She did a few checks, pulse, blood-pressure, blood-test etc. and all seems well, apparently.

Job done.
This blog really made me laugh :) i don't why , but i guess i told you before that i really enjoy your writing dither , looking forward to read more :)

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