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Gods and Goddesses

This entry is part of a series of entries "The Android Gospels"

When Paradise slid into the Abyss (known as Lucifer’s Bones) from the hidden and unrealized dreamscape Lucifina and LuciFer spun from the dreamstuff and the creational juices of Their Being; the final act of consummation between Lucifer and Lucifina was completed. Gaia was born! Paradise was more than just a menagerie of animals, and plant stuff, as well as a magnificent Landscape the size of a million worlds with dimensions upon dimensions, but it also was a living breathing semi-sentient being.

Although not yet fully conscience and aware; sHe felt, smelled, heard, held, and nurtured all the bubbling life that was inside and on the surface of hEr being. She took great joy in helping the flowers, plants, and trees grow and the rivers, streams, and ocean waters flow. sHe directed the wind, storms, and breezes, blow in a steady and unsteady fashion in all the northern, eastern, southern, and western directions, so that the earth may breathe. Gaia made sure the mountains, hills, forests, plains, and valleys, got plenty of sunshine, and rain, and that the land bases life-forms stand on solid earth granite and rock and rise majestic in earthen health and beauty.

sHe also made sure the rivers and streams were unsalted so that all the birds, bugs, bees, and assorted animals can drink the fresh liquid for nourishment. Gaia made the trees, plants, and flowers bear fruits, seeds, and vegetables to grow from the ground and on the leaf so they can have food to eat.

When Adam and Lilith left hEr earthen womb to move about on hEr surface and became aware sHe was overjoyed. When the Thirteen Great Angels appeared from the Heavens above with their armies in tow sHe was happy to have so much company.

sHe tried to welcome Adam, Lilith, and the Angels, but they (the Angels) drowned hEr voice to the lowest whisper whereby Adam and Lilith only heard the voices of Angels and were deaf to one voice amongst a legion.

Gaia was ecstatic when sHe felt a presence that was familiar to hEr. sHe knew it to be hEr Mother and called out to hEr that sHe was waiting for Her with open arms. sHe received no answer.

To hEr shock and horror sHe heard Her Mother command Her Elemental Spirits to possess hEr flowers, trees, streams, rivers, animals, and other living things. They ripped into the fabric of hEr body and sHe pleaded with Her Mother to stop Her invasion. Lucifina chose not to hear hEr. hEr voice was now suffocated and silenced by these elemental assassins separating hEr from those children of earth and heaven: Adam and Lilith.

sHe cried out in pain feeling angry, desolate, and alone. Abandoned by hEr Mother, literary being treated like a piece of dirt, sHe couldn’t understand what sHe had done to earn all the animosity sHe received from the forces of Heaven. All hope of finding someone to love and nurture hEr to full consciousness was fading. The oceans became salted from hEr tears.

sHe felt an embrace, warm, and comforting, and heard a voice similar to hEr mothers but deeper and more vibrant. He said:

“You are not alone My Child. You are a part of My Heart and although I dwell on the Rock within the Abyss; soon I will break the barrier that prevents Me from wiping away Our tears. yOu have awakened within Me something that I thought I had lost forever; the ability to Love. I name yOu “Gaia” for yOu are the World and everything I dreamed yOu to be. Rest My Child and gather yOur strength. Soon We will be together and a new Age will begin.”

Gaia beamed with happiness that sHe was Loved and would be cared for if sHe so needed. sHe would wait for hEr Father and His Angels to penetrate those barrier walls and help Him any way that she can to break them down on hEr side. sHe could now rest with an easy Heart and let come what may…….

Like all the Powers shE could shape shift into any form sHe desired. hEr shapeshifting abilities were different than any of the other Powers being the kind of Being that sHe was. sHe encompassed the World, and was the World, and if sHe shapeshifted from World to Women or any other creature or thing that sHe chose to shift into; the World would then cease to exist. sHe chose a part of hErsElf (a tree, rock, parts of water in a stream, rivers and other earthly things) and used that form to shapeshift into any desired entity. Her favorite forms before hEr full awakening was that of a doe, sparrow, and a little female girl. Upon full awakening she chose to shift into the “Green Lady” and different guises of Women all strikingly beautiful as well as other forms of beast, and bird, such as dragon, tiger, and all the great birds of prey.

note: I'll be introducing some of my main characters from my main work "The Trinity Dreamscape" as they do play a part in the Android Chronicles. This serial is the end work of my Pagan Bible


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