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Goals for October 2014

Practice makes Permanent which leads to Progress!

Now that I'm done writing the piece which I titled "Prelude" for Long Ridge Writers Group it's on to the rest of the of lesson # 08

Part 1 was to write a fictional story between 2,000 to 3,000 words. Check mark! Done! :thumbl:

The rest is easy:

Part 2 ( this is a 2 step part ) This is the easy one:

~ Step 1 is to select a suitable magazine from the pages of The Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers 2014 book.

~ Step 2 is to fill out a magazine choice form - this is just filling in the information provided in the book and my reasons for choosing the specific periodical.

Part 3 is to write that 'dreaded' Cover Letter.

As much as I dislike writing them, they have to be done. They're on my list of 'necessary evils'.

Part 4 is the fun one- writing a letter to my instructor. In this letter I need to tell Tom what my plans are for the FINAL 4 projects.

My deadline is October 15, this gives me 10 days! Thankfully e-mail is so much better than snail mail.


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