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Gloomy Sunday...

Three steps to cross my bedroom, another seven the length of my house. A wall full of Shakespeare, Lovecraft, and Manga. Shelves littered with a gypsies trinkets; souvinere jewelry, an antique glass coke bottle, a sand dollar and a box hand carved out of driftwood-

"I'd pull out my heart and I'd feed it to anyone!"

I think, idly but often, that i'd like to burn everything you ever made me, bought me, gave me.

"She's filled with secrets."

Everyone guesses wrong. I don't like being able to read minds, no one understands me and I don't understand them and without understanding what use is knowladge?

Sometimes I open the box and go through the pictures. You aren't in any of them. Just a little girl with eyes too big and too many teeth all the places you took me. Little red who grew up to be the big bad wolf.

"Your Virgin Mary undone!"

I had to dye my hair again the other day. Standing in the tiny bathroom of my little house in front of a reflection I have never recognized but have gotten used to finally.

"...back then, you could get by with skinned knees..."

I like the black. It makes me look younger, makes me feel less... we'll just leave it at that shall we?

My eyes are blue, now. When did that happen- and does it mean I'm healing?

"Poli- poli di umbuendo."

How does one man get inside another so ...indelably?

"...as you are a man, and not a god..."

"I can't wash you off my skin!"

On good days I'm just another victim-almost. Moved on and stronger

"More constant, more real-"

for it...

On bad days

...to summon back the Fire Witch to the court of the Crimson King."




There. I wrote something. Piss off.


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