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Gliding Thermals

You are Kelvin, holding
to your absolutes.
A windswept plateau
too stubborn to yield,
you stand in eroded glory
the implacable nature
of your heart.
And I, Fahrenheit’s child,
cling to the familiar
highs and lows, ride
your thermal current flows
and know,
I’m but a beat, a breath away
from the fall.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
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i mean, if i could have
a valid/legitimate opinion.
on poetry,
and stuff.

Kelvin sounds masculine, shiny and new. He seems to practice ‘positive thinking’ in an exclusive manner but his novelty is worn.

I like the way you leave us on ‘the fall’, which could be moral, seasonal or temperature-related.

You give each official unit a character and opportunity for relationship, vague and tentative though it is.

As humans, we may expect a rise after the fall, though fever could be fatal, or Spring; morality is harder to measure.
Great observations, Katrina! Thank you!

This is a very personal poem, but one that I hope can be seen to fit many interpretations. I actually wrote this about my husband. He is a force of nature when he believes in something and will hold his position with stubborn tenacity.

We had a serious issue arise with our daughter and he (for 10 years) stuck to his stubborn viewpoint. It actually almost ended our marriage, but I discovered that I am even more stubborn than he is, when I believe in something so important as my child. I can happily report that he has now changed his position. :)
Wisdom is flexible.

A wise man was once asked why he had changed his mind. He answered, “When the facts change, my opinion changes. What about you?”

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