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There was a girl her life was full of happiness
You can say she didn't know sadness
Full of laughter and joy
With her your time you enjoy
Once she was walking at night
With a great friend to her
Then she went home and left her alone
She was walking beside the moon
When it disappeared
She was scared
They rapped her
They killed her soul with fire
They cut her heart on higher
She became dead
She went home crying
She couldn't speak but trying
Eyes full of blood
Body full of waves of shock
Soul full of weakness
She made friendship with sadness
There's no way to say
There's on to go
Or what she can do
She found the forever solution
After telling her parents they fired her
She's scared to tell police, cause they'd hurt her
She got through herself in front of a car
With a letter in pocket of her
Saying if you found her there
Simply buried her in any graveyard they didn't even help her
Someone helped her and went her to hospital
And when it was time to check, the doctor knew about the attack
The police came and asked with no hope for times of several
She decided the last time to tell them
Then she died


Oh dear Sunrise.

Feeling compelled to comment, but lost for words.:disturbed:

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