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Getting somewhere!!!

Somebody wants to publish a poem of mine!!!!! I am finally getting somewhere with my writings :)

Here is the message from the person who wants to publish my poem.
Vixon80- (my username from WritersBeat.com)

My name is Mark and I was reading your poem Death awaits me and was wondering if you would be interested in having it published in my new quarterly Dark Passages,

I cannot pay you for it, but can give it exposure and you will still maintain copyright.

MJ Preston
Here is the poem that Mark was talking about:


Death Awaits Me.
By Jessalynn Barnum.

I feel the knife pushing
through my skin,
it feels nice,
no pain at all.

I see the blood running out of my cuts,
I still feel no pain.

Now I am laying on the floor,
my breath is slowing down.

I didn't even feel my head hit the floor,
but I see blood on the tile.

Am I dead yet?
Will the Devil just take my soul already?

Now I am crying,
because I am not gone from this evil world yet

I feel myself slice open my chest.
And again.
And again.

I lost count on how many cuts I did,
but I feel blood running down my shirt.

I feel weak now,
I slowly closed my eyes,
and never awake again.

The Devil finally took my soul with him,
to the depths of Hell.

Good bye evil world,
I am gone forever.


It will be published on, http://mjpreston.ca/ Under the Dark Passages link.


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