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Get Over The Just

It really irritated me at first. I pondered the statement, and realized that it was one word that poisoned the sentence. It was the inclusion of the word "just".

Riding the ferry, I walked past a group of early morning Magpies. I try to ignore the inane banter they spew, but a deep sigh tore at my attention. It pre-signaled someone who had already given-up, and was ready to let the world know his intentions.

As the man struggled to pull his butt out of the seat, he moaned,
"Just one more day..."

You see, it was Friday, and the implication is that if you can "just' make it through the day, a glorious, gilded weekend full of bliss awaits. What a load of cr4p.

So wrong. So very, very wrong. First off, why are we throwing Friday under the bus? It's now "just" one more day? It Is One More Day. I'm thankful to God for it. Monday, Wednesday. All of them. Every horrid, difficult day is better than the void of nothingness. I can be a bit of a masochist, but I live in the moment.

Because tomorrow may never come. How pathetic that you "just" want to make it through the day to reach another? There is no guarantee that day will be better. Or any other in the future. Especially, if you treat this day you have been given as some dirt clod to kick down the road.

It's rather ironic that my sense of justice has totally overwhelmed my pessimistic tendencies. Yet, in this case, I felt compelled.

It is NOT "just" one more day. It is one more day. You're lucky to have it. Now stop your d4mn whining and make something out of it.


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