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General life.

I'm waiting for the blasted pan to soak,
elbow deep in suds. I scrub at stubborn,
baked on rements of last nights meal.

Aromas rising out of my oven,
they tantalize my stomach,
and cause my mouth to water.

I await the cooking of my potatoes,
to turn a golden, shade of brown,
and crisp up at the edges.

Then I toss the gammon in the pan,
red hot, that I listen to it sizzle,
my belly gurgles at aticipated meat.

Add greens and other veg to boiling,
water on the stove, excitement builds,
as it darkens before my eyes.

Finally its time to eat, my day is now
complete. I work, I eat, sleep, dream
and write, my dismal days away.


This poem took me right into your kitchen. Thumbs up.

FYI: on crud pans pour vinegar into it, sprinkle on baking soda. It will foam like volcano. Let it sit. Much easier to clean. I live on a well, which stains my dishwasher, works like a charm. I use in laundry too. Safe and cheap! I buy huge containers of both at Costco.
I'm glad it took you into my kitchen Sas. I put baking soda in them when they are really bad then boil them on the hob, I have found this also works wonders on stubborn baked on stains. Baking soda is awesome you can use it in so many different things.
But the vinegar added makes it powerful like a locomotive. Smiles
Yeah, it comes most naturally for me Esc. :) Real life can be very interesting.
the inner voice seems to piss a lot of people of an they try to write like somebody else...
It's the opposite for me, if I try to sound like other people and not myself it gets frustrating and my inner voice just goes No, no, no, you will write in your own style. lol.

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