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Funny episode

I just had an amusing and somewhat perplexing episode.

I've been doing research on the novel I just wrote a sequel too, and I came across a mention of a reader's companion to the author. I did a Google search for it, and the first result was the Amazon product page. I go there, and the blurb at the top isn't very informative, so I scroll down to see what the top rated review has to say about it. I read a few lines of the review, and I"m thinking, "I remember this book. I think I may own this book." I go up to my library, look in my hardbound bookcase (it's not hardbound but it's the size), and there it is. I bought it almost eight years ago, read the preface, looked at material for several works I was most interested in, reviewed it, shelved it, and it faded from memory. I bring it downstairs and read the material for the novel I'm reading about, and was disappointed that it probably has the least "inside information" about that novel than for any. I'm finding that to be true across every resource.

I look back at the review, and now it's starting to look familiar. I scroll back up. Yes, it was my own review from eight years ago, unbeknownst to me, now the top spotlight review for the book (under my Amazon pseudonym). Well, I'm closing in on 3200 reviews there, I guess I'm entitled to forget a few of them. LOL

No progress on the new book today. I didn't even get back to the Scrivener's tutorial. As part of the research I was doing, I came across a serialization of the original novel in old magazines, and managed to find all four issues in the Internet Archive. I'd read information that the serialization had material which didn't make it into the paperback. However, I've read the first two issues, and so far, there is no difference.

The companion reference listed the original novel at 90K words, but I converted it to a text file, and Word only shows it at 83K. I've caught the author of that companion reference in errors, so this may just be another one.


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