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Frustration and Apathy

In the 1980's (before many of you were born) there was a big scandal regarding the United States dealing weapons to Iran to free hostages. This week, we free-up 1.5 billion in Iranian assets, and five hostages are freed? I suppose if we give them the money to buy / make their own weapons, it's OK. And we must have stipulated that the paying of ransom is now an appropriate and just US policy. Unless, it was simple blackmail: Give us our money or we build nukes.
A respected general is publicly humiliated for an affair, and divulging secrets to a reporter. He is convicted, and forced to resign. A politician violates the same US law, hides the fact, lies to the public and is given a pass? I'm sure, there will be a closed-door, back-room deal, and "justice" will be served. Two sets of rules: One for servants, one for royalty.

I know. Caring about this stuff make me a kook. Old fashioned values. How droll.


I just wish more people cared, and more people were aware. We're in this together.
The value of a human being x 5 human beings = 1.5 billion in assets. Hm ... something is wrong here. $300M per human? Seriously? I mean, if I am worth $300M, feel free to send it over buttt ... how do you NEGOTIATE life? This world is sick.
We have a saying here: If you don't vote, don't complain.

I know to whom you're referring in your article, and I definitely agree.

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