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Frustrated in Florida..............

So here it is February 22 and I'm still recooperating from my second cataract surgery. I haven't been on the forums much because I am suffering badly from dry eye and my time on the computer has been restricted very much. I have also been distracted mentally and therefore haven't felt very inspired either. I have always been a writer who uses her fingers to help with the "flow" of creativity, not being able to write quickly enough to keep up with my thoughts. So, not being able to sit in front of the computer has been in my way, not to mention my state of mind.

I'm spending an inordinate amount of time staring dumbly in front of the TV watching old TV series, now in the middle of my second or third viewing of my favorite series "Lost Girl" the infamous sexy female succubus "Bo" and her side kick human dynamo "Kinsey" in their adventures fighting for the underdogs of the world. Can you get more brain dead than that? Anyway, it is definitely entertaining for me, I love fantasy. I also finished the final season of "Game of Thrones", it was finally released on Netflix. Yeah, I'm that behind in the times.

So, while I'm waiting for the eye doctor to finish "experimenting" on the right treatment to "cure" my eyes (we're on a new prescription grade eye drop now that will probably end up costing me a fortune if I stay on it, right now I'm using a sample). I can't even drive at night AT ALL. Totally blind because of glare of lights! Between not being able to be on my computer to write, distracted mentally so not inspired AND being house-bound from night activities, ...... Grrr

So, I'll stop complaining now, and I have to get off of the computer. Take care all of you on the forums. Hopefully the doc can get my eyes sorted soon and I will be able to get my life back to some semblence of normal, although I'm afraid it will be later than sooner.


That would be frustrating. Of all our senses, vision is probably the one I would miss most if I lost it.

Good luck with your recovery!
Good to hear from you, FP. I wondered ,after your last update, how you were recovering. Fingers crossed you get your meds sorted and you can start writing again soon.
Your frustration is palpable, fp. :( Hope it all gets better for you, soon!

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