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From the Regret Thread

I regret having trusted someone with my baby / my break-in novel. I confided in one guy about the problems I had with it, he suggested making it a group collaboration, and not only did these people each take creative license and ignore my plans i.e. The Story Bible- they betrayed me. One said it would be nothing without her; another has threatened to sue me should I attempt publication.

I learned my lesson and will never do another collaboration unless it's for written RPG.

The sad part is that a lot of people think I won't share my work because of ego- one person said "Get over yourself and share because no one will want to steal your work." So, I'm left to rehash the chaos again and again which only ends up in people telling me "Get over it and move on."

So I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.


MzSnowleopard--I regret that you had such an ugly experience, I hope it did nothing to dim your joy of writing...Peace...Jul

Thanks Fire- while I regret having trusted those people and shared my work with them, I am still striding forward with the project. Despite the chaos, struggle, and threats i am determined to see my story published. They may have won in the court of that social group but in the court of law- they won't win.


All good lessons, the ones that really count, are learned the hard way. If you are to succeed in anything, you're going to knock on many doors before you can find one that opens. This just happened to be one of those doors you pushed on that did not open. Keep banging away the only time you are ever defeated is when you stop banging on doors...Bob
Mmmm. Sell the story to a foreign company owned by a blind trust. I suggest Belize as the foreign place. The company publishes into your country from there. Any body attacking will have a major uphill struggle explained to them by their legal representatives.
Plus any proceeds down the track will be tax free
You're going to publish anyway, right? Worst case scenario, you have to make a settlement for no more than the money you've made (realistically, it won't even be that high, since not only did you contribute as well, but started the idea). But the ultimate reality is that I don't think they'd have a case.
Thanks gang, the encouragement is greatly appreciated. No worries on the law-suit, despite the nasty threats- I haven't told him what I've got "on him". I've kept digital copies of his contributions. If he moves forward with his threat- the world will know what he did. His characters are copy-right violations against a popular TV show and at least 1 major movie. Something tells me he doesn't want this black mark on his own "yet to be realize" career- unless he's dunce. lol

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