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From doom and gloom to positive thinking...

So now that the gloomy month of January is almost over and the weather (at least in England) has turned crappy and wet, I thought that it was about time I injected some positivity into my reality.

After a frantically busy stretch at work a guest took me aside today and said to me: "You are an amazing young women, you bounce around from table to table with a giant smile and have all thesebrief conversations with everyone you can. While you clear, wipe and reset your tables (there are over 60 tables in the pub I work in), serve on the bar yet you neve frown or say a rude word and are always smiling. You are a credit to this pub." I was beaming with pride.

A lovely comment like that is just as good, if not better than tip. It made all the stress and complaints over long wait times just slip from my mind. So I am thankful for my smile today.

Here goes what is one thing about yourself that you love or most admire?


Just one?!

Only joking. Umm I would say my optimism. There are of course any number of things I am not good at or that are a struggle but my optimism has never failed me and never left. For years I thought it was kind of a weakness or frivolity, but now I know it is a gift.

That and my impeccable grammar. ;)
people seem to react more to crit than compliments...enjoy the moment and milk it i reckon..i admire my ability to make people dislike me..i think i've just got one of those faces.....
Thanks for getting me to ask myself the question. But my mind comes up blank whenever I do.

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