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Fresh Water Spring

Fresh Water Spring


An early project at getting water to my tent area. It partially worked except the spring dried up about two week's after the video was taken.


It'll refill in winter though hopefully.

More Water Works

Another project that was much more important and long-lasting....

Mikes water system for replenishing the drinking water was ok, but it was a balancing act and tricky to fill the container with. Also the water flow was mediocre at best.
So I spent a couple of hours on making a new one.
Steve had an effective triple-pipe tapering effect at the height of MMM’s land but unfortunately the distance was so great none of the hoses would reach it.
So I had to work off from the mid-point down the mountain land.

First I tracked down some old garden hoses.
One length of these was pinned under a fallen tree!
Not easy to remove as I had to use a levering bar to lift the tree, then yank the hose through.
A nearby pvc pipe, further up the spring-stream, was how I got the water flow running quickly. I stuffed the hose about one third into the pvc pipe and the pressure increased dramatically at the other end.
Then at a fairly close distance from the cooking area and at where the stream flowed through I made a small platform.
Just a concrete cinder block with a flat stone to level it and I had something the 6 gallon container could be put on.
A wooden ‘L’ piece at hang the hose off instead of it trailing in the stream made it that bit easier to replenish the container.
This was not only much closer than the older one, but it was on the dry trail and not amid the swampy undergrowth.

I made a second water hose pipe in water not far from my tent. That one would be for washing clothes in via a bowel and hand-wash detergent. Some folks may reckon you don’t need a hose pipe of water when you have a stream but that’s not always the case. The water level from the stream may be too low for scooping water etc.

The next thing I did that day was build a sawing platform.
For this I just got six cinder blocks in two pairs of three stacked up.
A piece of thick wood (6 x :cool: to bridge them in a pair and it looked ready. Except it needed levelling.
Which I did with stones and masonry.
Now I can start sawing up stuff for other projects :smile:

Some other stuff I did was to use a couple of wooden lengths and some battening to make wooden platforms to cross the streams easily with. In other places I just found some thick decent tiles to use as stepping stones.
Mike reckoned that a simple board would do but I went further and got most of the main trailways to have dry stepping stones where it was soggy.
Over time it would speed up passage to and fro areas etc.



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