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Free Hunter Osborn

The Red Mountain High School prank encouraged by fellow teammates lands senior football player, Hunter Osborn, 19, in jail for a memorable yearbook photo distributed to the local community.


An online petition, Free Hunter Osborn, reached nearly 7,000 supporters for the Red Mountain High School football team player who was charged with 69 counts of indecent exposure, a Class 1 misdemeanor, and a Class 4 Felony for furnishing harmful items to minors. The school administration was not aware of the photo until after being distributed for several months to 3,400 students. Osborn can now face time behind bars and a lifetime sex offender registration.


Many online supporters question the administrative actions behind the yearbook publication. Would it be fair to arrest the two football players, #1 and #81, for creating the gap to expose Osborn's genitals? Would they be classified as an accessory to this prank? Should the photographer or editor in charge of the yearbook be held for questioning?

Osborn told police that it was a dare and feels 'disgusted' in his behavior.

Check out the Red Mountain HS via Twitter. They ironically joined this month. Nothing reported on the incident has been tweeted.

Is it fair to be registered as a sex offender and held for a count per team player involved in the photo? Do you think the school should have taken a different stand when these players might have showered together throughout their football careers?

How do you feel about Playgirl offering Osborn financial support for his legal bills? Check it out here.


Do I think it's fair to have somebody's entire life ruined for one incident, when I could think of dozens of other things that Osborn could've done which would've been far worse?

No. That isn't fair. Nor is it justifiable.

If the US wasn't such a prude nation, this wouldn't even be a thing.

Cheers to Playgirl.


How can anyone support this retard?

He should be fined a shitload of money, and I'd ban him from any football games ever again.




Baka yaro.

Also stupid law is stupid; what is putting him in jail going to solve except make him a hardened criminal for no reason?

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