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Now I’ll tell you a little story about fraud, or attempt at same.
Since the company now has paid up after being pressured from the right powers, they by that act two months too late has admitted the attempt, and then I can yell about them from all the roofs I can find :thumbr:

In december 2016 I wanted to by some Nivea products for the new year.
Found a nice price by an English company called Sterling Pharmacy, which had an internet outlet called halfpriceperfumes.co.uk.
A good name don’t you think ?? – and the price was good too, hence I tried to buy, first using my visa card, which their system surprisingly claimed was no good.
Then I reverted to Paypal, where everything was processed O.K.
Next day, when balancing my bank account I found that besides the money Paypal rightfully had drawn, the seller also had drawn same amount from my visa, even their system had stated the card was no good.
When adressing them in an email they admitted – and told they would refund the part taken on my visa.
And so they did – so far so good :lemo:
Now I only had to wait for the goods to show up – I thought.
I gave them 7days before I entered ‘my space’ on their site, and seeing that the status still was ‘prepartion on the way’ I mailed them for further clarification.
They told back that the product was discontinued from their supplier, and they would reimbourse me - thank you !!
First they take the money double, and then they don’t even have the product – what a remarkable company … and they didn’t bother giving message themself, it was I, the customer who had to discover their odd behavior, and confronting them both times.
I waited … and waited … and sent them another mail asking when my money would come.
No response… I read what there was on the Paypal site about having my money back, and as they said something about patience, I waited …and waited . . and finally send Sterling Pharmacy a mail through the Paypal system.
Then I waited again, and re-send the Paypal mail… but the culprit never answered.
Should I give in, knowing how strenious it would be for me to raise a lawsuit in another country ??
Luckily I discovered that Paypal has a program where they go in as a middle man claiming the money from their client (the seller) on behalf of their other client (me), a very, very good thing cause where I could put no more pressure on the seller, Paypal could … simply by threatening to be closing their account :p
- if they would take my claim, i.e. if I could prove it valid.
And lucky me, Paypal took it on themself to get my money back, and a couple of weeks later, they could tell : objective accomplished :sunny:
Hurrah, hurrah … Sterling Pharmacy had to admit to their attempt on fraud by paying up.
What they called it to Paypal, is in the dark, maybe some sort of ‘double halfprice creativity’ ??

Where my bank just would have shrugged their shoulder, and told it was my own responsability – the middleman Paypal took it on themself to harmonize things.
And where I would have had to pay myself for a separate lawsuit against Sterling Pharmacy, Paypal did the job free of charge.
See how good it is to have a certified middle man (free of charge) for money transactions ??
Now remember, never use Sterling Pharmacy, alias halfpriceperfumes.co.uk for anything, or you'll be sorrow :sorrow: .


A quick google search they have two stars out of 5 and tons and tons of reviews very similar to yours. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.halfpriceperfumes.co.uk Anytime I buy anything I use the name and buy it now for a price then add reviews for the next search. I guess the old saying buyer beware needs to be changed to buyer do an internet search. I'm glad you got your money back, my guess is that the grief you went through took its toll on you anyway.
Thanks for sharing :)
"I'm glad you got your money back, my guess is that the grief you went through took its toll on you anyway."
I'll for sure will remember the episode - learning, learning, learning :cupcake:

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