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I have always admired how Spain's middle classes are so reactionary....a fascinating country with a unique history...
Note to self:

Take a look at Spain's history sometime.

Mainly brought on by the current goings on with the catalans.
Today the other side has marched...the world lives in a perpetual state of chaos and when order reigns both are never far apart.. bedfellows an all that...how will things develop..history does repeat itself and the best thing to do is be thankful that you live in a place were you can buffer yourself from the above world view and watch with interest or disdain
What a shithouse...just like all them refugees from the middle East who fled rather than stay an fight for their country...
"Has the Catalan leader done a runner"

- don't know from where you have your infos, probably the mass medias ??

I can assure you that the Catalans are not lead by only one man - but I'm only living & breathing among them, though I nominally is in the northern part of Catalonia, the French part.
EU has pleaded the parties reach a more diplomatic solution - could be why somebody is in Bruxelles .
What you might not know is, that in those parts of the world they/we have to confront physically (strike, demonstration, uproar) before we can go to the negotiating table.
If it's not law, it's so close to it as can be.
Yep in Brussels speaking three languages during the same speech...refusing to return to lead his people unless Spain gives him the assurances he wants...a true leader from afar
So he is summoned back to answer/defend his stand..so Thursday could see an arrest warrant issued for him ...the Catalan separatist have put their faith in a gobshite
I have the utmost respect for the 8 politicians jailed today for what they believe in an reckon the best way to change people is by not making anyone suffer but let the world see you suffer for what you believe in...
I've often come across many pov about the Spanish civil war that the Catalan activist among all the different fractions we're instrumental in keeping the republic splintered an rather than concentrate on Franco they were more concerned with acheiving separatism....do people ever really change...
escorial;bt10882 said:
I have the utmost respect for the 8 politicians jailed today for what they believe in an reckon the best way to change people is by not making anyone suffer but let the world see you suffer for what you believe in...

They'll become saints now - Catalan Saints :)
Only 38 percent of Catalan voted so I would say they where chancers who just decided that it was the right time to move...if they go to prison one would wonder how it will effect the aim....was it planned this way and a stratergy yet to come to light...interesting stuff
The Catalans have declared general strike today, they've blocked the grand motorway from Spain up through France to Europe :)
Here's a video from l'independant, matter in fact it IS l'independant,
You're probably not familiar with French, but just look at the pics and the video ( the second 'pic'), which is true time :)
Some friends believe Albert Camus to be a secret Spaniard and his play Revolte Dan's let Austuries was banned in Algiers...why have so many people fallen in love with Spanish culture and it's history...I find it all so interesting and I don't really no why....
We’re all Charlie – and now we’re also the Catalans :)
Spanish culture & history is so-o-o varied, depending on which part we’re talking about – many extraordinary and exotic things have passed in Spain.
(are reading a book called ‘A Stranger in Spain’ by en Englishman called H.V. Morton – very good even a bit old, which shouldn’t matter when talking about history :))
Isn’t it always interesting when the underdog bites, and we don’t know who’ll win out ??
One thing for sure when one party will one thing and the other party the strict opposite: EU will try having them to compromise.
Why ??
Cause if Madrid wins, there’ll be a revolte, and if Barcelone wins, there’ll be …... may be they have a Brexit also there :)

I read a history once that said in Greece or Macedonia to call someone a Catalan was an insult, the result of the Catalan companies, auxiliary paid armies; in much the same way the Hessians came to be regarded as barbaric monsters... Armies.

My impressions are limited and of Spain I mostly think historically of the Reconquista and its continuance in the New world conquests. I read a history of Cortez as youngster for a book report, and was horrified at the details of the absolute avarice and cold cruelty used by the Conquistadors to gain their objectives.

I'm sure the Mexica were no angels , but still , I realized these explorer/conquerors were no heroes.

But that is history and the Spain and Catalonia of today I find interesting, and fascinating though very little of it comes here in the way of news or otherwise. I feel I live in a fairly ignorant place though I don't really know how it compares. Thank you both for sharing . K
bobo I think the EU is ready to break up an to me this is Spain's reaction to the euro..they have only recently come out of a double dip recession with youth unemployment a real problem...I believe Catalonia want a brexit but Spain is not to sure...enjoy the book

Kevin the world wants their borders back an Trump will definitely be giving yours back...cheers man
I can't see the Mr. T. cares one way or the other, except for his big ego. So, Question: are they saying that if you are claiming that the e. union suppressed wages at home, and thereby suppressed the growth of, or actually lowered the general standard of living for the greater population excepting those who are proffesionals( doctors, engineer, or other ) that you are a Nationalist, anti-progress reactionary, no better than a nazi racist? That's what they're saying here, that if you're for controlled immigration, specifically removing and halting illegal immigration, you are a racist. Gessus... You don't have to answer, but I'm just curious, because the amount of what is really thought or goes on is so filtered here, I wouldn't know if I weren't living it.

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