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For a hovel of my own........

Oh what I wouldn't give:

For a hovel of my own.

The word "hovel" :
The word itself conjures up images of dirt,filth,living in squalor etc. it might, would probably, be little more than a dump.
When I googled it I got this...... "[FONT=&amp]a small, squalid, unpleasant, or simply constructed dwelling:"
I like the second part of that definition.
Small, maybe not quite so simply constructed I think, would suffice, but hidden, unseen, to be able to live un-observed. Oh what joy would bring.
Something tunneled into the the side of a mountain somewhere. Or high up in the sky , now that really would be, IS, "pie in the sky" but one can dream.
If I'm honest with myself I would have to agree that in world that is shrinking with the never ending need for food,clothing,medical car etc. it simply isn't possible. Sooner or later we ALL need somebody. Money, and plenty of it, could, to some extent, buy a person such an existence but, even then, nobody can live in isolation for ever. It would, could, be a wonderful retreat though if only temporary. A " time-out ", from the madding world. Mooching, and pottering, alone with my thoughts and, ultimately, hopefully, achieving some level of reconciliation with the self.
Yes, I'm sure I would tire of it, maybe even a to point where I found myself craving what I have now. And that thought causes me to wonder, what DO I have? Now, exactly?
So much restlessness in such an uncertain world and maybe that's just me.
It's not so difficult to imagine though.
The "hovel on the hill" or the "pie in the sky".

No night-time day-time lunch-time bed-time. All such conventions swept away without a care leaving only the "here and now".

A microcosm. My microcosm. A world within a world. MY world within a world. Safe and warm. Out of harm's way. If ever such a thing was possible. Safe and warm like a mother's womb. Protected, shielded, from life, time, people, things. [/FONT]


Before it became "couture" amongst survivalists and rabid environmentalists, I used to dream of living in a buried shipping container. A sort of "Hobbit Hole".
In nearby Seattle, many people build these "McMansions" that are four stories high. They tower over the 1920 era "hovels". But those modern edifices are monstrosities.
Some want to put themselves above others. Some want to be "of the Earth". I think I know where you and I are, brother.
I just want to be out of sight and left alone. "Hobbit hole."? The thought has occurred. The hobbit scenario appeals to me to. Burrowed into a wooded mountain-side somewhere but in an ever shrinking world, unless you were in a position to buy that mountain, in this day and age, isn't going to happen. It's the stuff of dreams. MY dreams. A dream world.

Sometimes, when I'm out, I notice boarded up windows of a shop with a second floor looking neglected and run down. I could live in a place like that anonymously but I would always be in fear of some-one breaking in just for the hell of it.

I saw a film once, a docu-type thing, where shipping containers were being converted into small homes and I liked the look. Small, compact, I could go for one of those I really could.

Dream on dither, dream on.
dither;bt13300 said:
I saw a film once, a docu-type thing, where shipping containers were being converted into small homes and I liked the look. Small, compact, I could go for one of those I really could.

Dream on dither, dream on.

You can pick one of these for just a few grand. You could pay it off at £100 per month over ... three years? four years? Something like that.

Can't vouch for what its actually like to live in one, though. But people do.
I don't know to be honest bd but I would prefer a ready-made "move in" situation. I'm too old for house or even home building. It's not so much about the hovel as where it's likely to be.
Where ever you look, people spoil everything.

Hobbit life sure would make for an interesting diary though I reckon. Although in my dream life situation, no, it probably wouldn't. It's the trials and tribulations you see. I just want out and that takes money. Serious money.

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