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Celebrity sighting…

I’m at the Whole Foods down the block from the jobsite. I usually walk, but today I drove, which I judge to have been a good choice as traffic crossing Lincoln is always heavy, today heavier than usual, and I’m always taking a chance on foot, anyway. At least in a car you’re protected some if you get nailed…

So, in the parking lot, there’s this youngish, okay, somewhat graying, ‘cool-Dad’ type, with a couple of his ‘tween’-something kids. He’s dressed in a white t-shirt and properly worn, but not too overly, faded, designer jeans. He looks familiar and I’m about 50% sure he’s an actor, which is about 50% more than regular people, so that’s pretty sure…

I can’t place him, but whatever, I beeline it to the pre-made food section across the ever-shining, polished, heavy-clear-epoxied-over-achitectually/designer-stained-concrete floors. I pass the heated Indian-Bhutan/Himalayan-indeterminate or tastefully trendy Katmandu or some other enlightened Shangrila inspired cuisine, pre-cooked in metal pans, steaming beneath spit-shield glass overheads so you can reach under and shovel, to the other section and grab my typical pre-rolled ‘brown rice’ sushi in plastic… or is it plastic-sushi in plastic?

Behind the counter the Asian-of-indeterminate-but-most-likely-not-even-Japanese ‘chefs’ are busy chopping and rolling away. They look rather brown; too brown for Japan. Perhaps they are refugees, rescued Oompa-Loompa style, and flown over from the jungles of Boranaga…a little-known island, somewhere south of Borneo. Maybe there just Carib Indians from equally-exotic Zacatecas...

I hope I haven’t grabbed one of the packages from yesterday, as I hate that, biting into frozen-in-the-center, left overnight, sushi…

In line I remember who he is, oh, that guy… some actor that for a while (like more than four or five years) was on a hit t.v. series (comedy) but since then, hasn’t been seen much. Poor bastard, he probably made enough so he never has to work again in his life. That show was like ten-years ago. He looks pretty happy, but you never know. For a second I wish I was that guy, or at least wish I had his money… just for a second.

No, no… I much prefer struggling and poverty.

I think about texting my wife but don’t bother. It was the actor who played his brother on the show that she’d had the hots for.


I gotta look him up...there he is the show was "Wings' .....Steve Weber. I'm sure he's done a ton of stuff... they all seem to have. Pretty good lookin guy... still in shape...

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