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Food and Rocks

This is the Britzen and her cooking panoply in 'action'...


The next day Mike suggested a trip to the nearby landmark of the CDT and some other camping grounds. There was a grave at one and it was of a person who’d died young in 1929.
Two beings of the forest service drove to the camping ground while we where there in a pale green pickup.
We were all palavering at the back of the SUV and noticed them.
They drove in through the entrance then slowed down, looking at us, while we looked back.
I was in my trusty camo-smock and MMM was in his trademark combat jacket.
Perhaps we cut a survivalist note to the arrival of ‘authority’.
Yet the passenger of the pick-up, a swarthy faced fellow nodded at me in a sort of friendly way as the driver swung the vehicle around and they went away as they’d arrived. Perhap’s I should of waved or made a friendly gesture back instead of being impassive?

On at day BnB, a fire and rescue operative of some note, viewed the rock of the ages with a discerning eye.
Where I like to instinctually gauge and weigh up thing’s by gut feeling BnB use’s the power of logic and calculation!
Both method’s are winner’s of course but he made a better estimate of the rock’s mass than I did.
I reckoned just over 2000 pounds.
BnB, using the estimation of one cubic foot of the stone as 166 pounds came to the figure of 1992 pounds.
As this strange meeting of minds went forth BnB reminded me, in no uncertain terms, that he’d over 28 years experience in fire and rescue!
With my six years or so I could not argue, especially when he mentioned the arcane ways of ‘Cribbing’ something unknown to me until that day.

We set up the job some thick rope I’d bought from a hardware store anchored to a big tree nearby. With a re-woven figure of 8 knot anchored to it I made a figure of 9 knot to anchor the come-along in place.
Then I got some chain to make up the distance and ran out the come-along and rigged it all up.
BnB was a great help, while I am knowledgeable of lifting stops, lifting machine’s and the like, come-along’s of the type I’d bought were not the same as the British ones I’d used at work.
Additionally I’d never worked with heavy chain before, BnB gave me some helpful pointers here too.

After some digging about the rock I made some overture’s to make a test-pull on the top-most part.
After a few minutes of putting the wire, rope and chain’s through their paces we gave up on turning it. At least until it was dug out a bit more!
My knee’s ached from all the chain’s I’d hauled up the hill and the heat was heavy so we all called it a day and settled down.

Britzen cooked up a rustic, hearty meal in a dutch oven of bacon, peppers, millet, some lettuce-type vegetables and another white edible thing chopped up. Around it, wrapped in foil, were multiple beets that slowly cooked amid the hot charcoals.


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