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Foggy days.

Much like the recent weather, there's a mist clinging to my mind.

I'm taking something for the never-ceasing throb still coming from my foot. To counter the sleepiness I also have ingested quite a bit of caffeine. My thoughts are there-they never stop. But it feels like there's a fog keeping them from coming to the front.

I welcome it's presence, even if it's from all the ingested substances.

It's a curse, mostly. The benefits are, I never get 'stumped' for creative details.

As I've said before, I daydreamed so much as a child it became my normal way of thinking. I don't have an off-switch anymore. I don't get in creative 'moods,' I'm always inside one.

Our creativity is often likened to a well. If you draw too much, it's dried up for awhile. And you need different things to fill the well again. Supposedly. My well is infinitely deep. Never ceasing. I wouldn't call it a well, so much as a geyser, or spring of water.

But, for once, to not be thinking of anything... really just space out... it's a nice pause, even if I'm lazy.

And that's why I'm writing this. Not many other deep thoughts... no ideas... just a calm lazy fog between the trees. A haze in the synapses.


Never underestimate the brainfog power of pain meds, ever. They tend to put my creative production line on go-slo too and I suspect that might be part of what's going on with you. Or you just need to take a break and give your mind a chance to start churning again. Every organism needs rest eventually. A cheetah can go like hell for a half mile but then it rests for a time.

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