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Flunking- dreaded 'f'-word...

Slog-Blog, slogging along as if walking in mud, walking in a fog.
Lacking focus, or purpose.

An exercise in nothingness. Several or more letters sent to the page in a lame attempt at shooting a pattern with a pea-shooter. Spit-tooey—these come from me, directly from my head, the mouth being a part of—

There we go… something is coming…

His girlfriend is in danger of failing. She’s only been up there a week and already she’s struggling. It’s this one class, something about race relations or relations of culture set at the same or overlapping geographic locations… her required studies include conceptual art study. Let me rephrase that: they are not about conceptual art. They involve the categorization of differing art concepts; how art is categorized and the specific terms representing concepts thereof.

She’s struggling with the definitions. The required reading is full of words she never uses. The reading is all about contrasting concepts.

I’m hearing it second hand. My son talks to her via Facetime every night.

She’s just gone off to school and she’s taken a full load. She’d said she thrives under pressure. Well now she’s having second thoughts. Her confidence is weakened. She had the grades, prior, but this class has her stumped. He read me some...

I tried to explain to Junior. Get out the dictionary. That’s what she needs, look up each word; put them together…

The gist of what it’s all about, I think, is that the professor is attempting to explain how she thinks. I think the concepts behind differing art categories and how people place things in categories is a way of explaining how ‘we’ think in general. We categorize everything, placing objects within categories the moment we encounter.

I think that the professor is attempting to show how people think by showing how they think about art. This has to do with prejudice; prejudging, and the assumptions that are made by the placing into different categories (of things) and the already-conceived (pre-judgments) notions about said objects because they are categorized… This is my guess, that she’s using art as simile, that just ‘like’ this we also think about other things like this…

I think she is attempting to get the students to follow her own already followed path as to how she came to see her own discipline. She looked at it as like this: ‘This is how I see this, and I came to it by relating it to the conceptualization of art categories…’

The class could be titled: How I think, by Professor So and so… It makes me wonder if that is how many (or all) college level courses are… which leads back to a comparison of lower level education, which I thought was the presentation of facts to be memorized, the teaching of forms, how to do this, that; the other…


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