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Flight Of The Reaper

This is the best shit I ever wrote.

It took years to find the time to finish it, about 4 months to ACTUALLY finish it, like 2 days to practice, and it was recorded on the first take without a warm-up the following day.

This is my magnum opus, and I believe it will always be my most cherished composition because it proved to me that there is literally NOTHING I am incapable of with a guitar in my hands.

I've completed many songs sincs this fateful day, almost 9 months ago at the time I write this.

This is legit the best song I've ever written in my life, though; I can't wait to arrange and make it the monster it was born to become.


My pick-up switching is so clutch in this song.

It really exemplifies all of the knowledge I've accumulated in 16 years of playing guitar.

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