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First Time Out

People have been egging me on to get me to start a blog, so here it is. I've given in.

I surrender.
*reveals stomach*
I've finally done it.

Either way, my name is Connor. I recently graduated from George Mason University, with a degree in Computer Game Design. I am a writer and artist, and I suffer from generalized anxiety and depression.


A man of few words. Generally, an attribute that I find refreshing. As a writer, however...?

Anyway, we do have a Mental Health forum here. Many of us pop-in regularly. Like it says, "Read the Rules", and feel free to drop in.
Talking / writing helps. The people here are cool. C-ya around.
Hello and welcome to WF 42.

Good luck with the A and D.

Personally, I find blogging very therapeutic so blog on and hope it works for you.
you may find so much on here and while you suffer it might just help in a tiny way....

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