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First results in on my sequel

If you're new to my blogs, in the last few weeks I wrote a sequel to a famous author's work. He passed away long ago, and I've always wanted a sequel to that story. So I finally decided to write one myself. I may never get permission to publish, but it's been a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about my writing, and writing in general, as I wrote it. And now I know what happened next, even if I did have to decide myself.

I sent a mobi of the the sequel out to five people familiar with the author. One just put his first impression in his weekly newsletter. Since he didn't have to do that if he wasn't being sincere, I'm going to choose to trust that his note isn't entirely motivated by friendship. If he didn't like it, he could have just ignored it in his newsletter. At least that's how I choose to interpret this. LOL

This week I've done what is for me, a lot of book reading. My friend Jim wrote the long, long overdue sequel to the (author's name) book, xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx. So I read xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx. Although (author) was my favorite author back when I was a teenager, I had never read the book before. Great book! Although Jim's sequel begins about 2 years later, the transition from the original is seamless. I was just going to read a little of the sequel after finishing the original and found I couldn't put it down. When I got to Chapter 5, the sun was coming up so regretfully, I had to stop. So far, Jim's sequel is outstanding.

I found it interesting he used the same term I did two blogs ago (seamless).

Wow! That's the kind of mention that makes you stay motivated to write!


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