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First Post

Hi guys. This is my first blog post.

I can solve the 3x3 and 4x4 Rubik's cubes.

I am right now writing a story about a world full of twisty puzzles where it starts out like a city with 3 friendship networks and becomes 3 empires with 1 being the cubes, 1 being the cuboids, and 1 being the other shapes which include dodecahedra and pentahedra and tetrahedra and lots of others.

In my story for both the cubes and cuboids the maximum dimension for any side is 17 and minimum is 1. For the other shapes it is similar but with their equivalents.

For the dodecahedra they follow the metric prefixes.

3x3: megaminx
5x5: gigaminx
7x7: teraminx
9x9: petaminx
11x11: examinx
13x13: zettaminx
15x15: Yottaminx
17x17: Kiloyottaminx(following the double prefix rules of smaller before larger)(kiloyotta- means 1000 * yotta)

If something new is cooked or discovered there is a rotation of jobs in the empire of cubes.

It started like this:
Gardener: 17x17
Animal care: 16x16
Meteorologist: 1x1
Scientist: 6x6
Teacher: 5x5
Cook: 7x7
Accountant: 2x2
Angler: 8x8
Doctor: 9x9
Guard (1st degree): 10x10
Guard (2nd degree): 11x11
Guard (3rd degree): 12x12
Guard (4th degree): 13x13
Guard (5th degree): 14x14
Guard (6th degree): 15x15

The 3x3 is always the emperor
As for determining the cube that will take the job after a rotation here is the math:
If N > 17 then N+1
If N = 17 then 1x1

Here is how it was after the first batch of cheddar cheese was made:
Gardener: 1x1
Animal care: 17x17
Meteorologist: 2x2
Scientist: 6x6
Teacher: 5x5
Cook: 7x7
Accountant: 4x4
Angler: 9x9
Doctor: 10x10
Guard (1st degree): 11x11
Guard (2nd degree): 12x12
Guard (3rd degree): 13x13
Guard (4th degree): 14x14
Guard (5th degree): 15x15
Guard (6th degree): 16x16

And here is how it is now after the pizza was made:
Gardener: 2x2
Animal care: 1x1
Meteorologist: 4x4
Scientist: 7x7
Teacher: 6x6
Cook: 8x8
Accountant: 5x5
Angler: 10x10
Doctor: 11x11
Guard (1st degree): 12x12
Guard (2nd degree): 13x13
Guard (3rd degree): 14x14
Guard (4th degree): 15x15
Guard (5th degree): 16x16
Guard (6th degree): 17x17

The cubes have genes that determine what cubes they will get given a cube they are mating with and external factors like temperature and sterility as in no viruses and no bacteria or other infectious agents.

The determination of what it should be is larger cube - smaller cube so that 3x3 - 2x2 = 1x1 etc.

If they are in the cold it is the larger of the middle values between the larger cube and the smaller cube and high water gives lower of the middle values. High food gives the sum meaning that a 17x17 mating with a 16x16 and eating a lot of food will give birth to a 33x33 cube. In any case where there was a high food condition surgery needs to be done.

If they are in a sterile environment they stay as little 1x1s proving that immunity, not sterility is needed. In a hot environment the baby dies during the pregnancy and is never born.

These cubes are special in that if 1 or more pieces come off the cube that area of the cube is automatically cauterized so that there is little or no bleeding. This is nice.


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