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First novel draft completed

Wahooooo I have finally after a full year of writing completed my first draft of my first ever novel. The word count is lower than I had wanted but I still have to redraft it god knows how many times until it has been completed but this is a mile stone for me. :)View attachment 17530


Thank you I am on the inside as I'm feeling pretty proud but nothing extravagant that will come when I have the novel ready for print.
You b*tch, you completed a story already??? In just one year???

I'm both happy and envious. Hope things go well for you in the future. And be kind and drop the title on us cause I want to read it (and totally not criticize it).
It is impressive, a year. It's so difficult. Tell me you didn't find it easy.
Hahaha I have only finished the first draft so don't be too envious it still has a long way to go yet it won't be ready for beta readers until autumn atleast. It doesn't have a title as of yet because I am struggling to find one that I like that I think fits it.

I wish you luck with your writing Kaminoshiyo, I will be looking forward to reading yours too.

There are extracts that have been posted on the prose writers forum and in the children's stories section of the forum. When I have been over what I have already I will be posting another extract to see how people feel towards it.
Sebald- At times the writing came faster than at other times but I knew where I vaguely wished for my story to go and then it has just been an issue of colouring it in so to speak. It may have taken only a year but I have spent the minimum of an hour writing it each and every day and on my days off I have put aside one full day where I just sit and write.

So yes at times it was hard but it was so worth it.
Thanks esc.

I love scrivner could not have wrote this without it pluralized.

Writing a novel is doable sebald ot just takes commitment like anything that is worth doing, plus not everyone takes a year it all depends on the writer but no one should ever be worried about not completing their books by the time of someone else.

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