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fire season

The pattern is always the same. Basically it's an arc of land created by the wind. You start at a single point/ the origin point- and spread out by about 30 degrees. The winds drive it that way : south/ south-west.

That's our pattern, I've personally witnessed it many times. If you're close enough to the origin point it will pass you. The further south ( in the fuel supply areas) you are, the more at risk. The arc, the piece of 'pie' can get very wide by the time you get to the crust where fuel supply runs out. That would be the ocean.

I'm talking about our brush fires. We live in a hot, dry area with a windy season. The wind blows south/ south-west out to sea. The fires blow south/ southwest through the brush- the fuel supply, If you have a home in the path you're in danger.

Hundreds of homes have burned.

But that's nothing. We don't have trees like up north. Thousands of homes burned. Over a thousand people are unaccounted for. At some point they may find bits, fragments. They may.


My nephew, his fiancée and her family (residents of Paradise) are now homeless.
PG&E is criminally responsible of the loss of life and property... again.
They have a long record of being the Teflon Utility. Sure, Erin Brokovitch got them once or twice for poisoning folks and ruining their land. I'm not sure how much they paid to the survivors of that gas line of their that exploded a few years ago. That got swept under the table.
At least my family is safe. That can't be said for many, many others.
I'm friggin' angry. This was preventable. Someone needs to pay.
Paradise suffered a worst case scenario. I wonder if it was just a matter of time. If it hadn't have been PG&E woukd it eventually have been something else, a lightening strike, or a car crash?

Our brush in our neighborhood can't generate the intensity like in other places. The houses that burn down here are either in a worse location with more brush, or they catch fire from embers, and no one is there to put them out. We've had three fires come right at us/around us. Its going to happen again. We're in the burn path. My house is cement roof tiles, stucco everything, no exposed wood. I still don't think it would've survived in Paradise. Maybe, but I don't think so. Those trees...

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