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Finishing Touches

Last night and today my wife did a read through and found about 20 things to correct. That means I rushed my proofreading in the app too much, and I'll admit that. I was eager to get the book onto a Kindle and read it straight through. I've been doing my read through, too. I found a couple of punctuation errors she missed, but most of my changes have been to introduce more interesting wording where I found a "vague" phrase.

A little alarming, two sections of text were in the wrong place. I'm using an XML function in SQL server to "put the book back together" after I'm done in the app. Evidently that function has an asynchronous behavior. I haven't come across that before in any of my previous projects. This wasn't hard to spot or correct, but it may cause me to do something I've considered but hadn't pulled the trigger on -- instead of putting the document back out in it's entirety, I can build a Word macro that replaces the original sentences in Word with the revised sentences in the database. I think that's a better solution, anyway.

Then, just after writing that, I had another idea. I'm storing the full original text. I can also just replace the revised sentences into a copy of that original document using one simple update query, then offer that copy of the document to download. That's probably what I'll do first, since the macro version would require the user to being writing in Word.

My wife couldn't put the book down, and I hope that's good news. She laughed quite a few times, and I requested that when she laughed, she tell me what she was laughing at. I was glad to see she laughed at the things I planned to be funny. LOL

I think I mentioned yesterday that I picked a piece of cover art "for fun" which I can never use should this become commercial, and I created a cover. Today I looked at a "stock covers" site, and plowed through 121 pages of science fiction covers. Complete waste of time. Only one out of the 1000+ covers I looked at was even close to interesting me, and it wasn't close enough. For three heroic fantasy books I published last year, I actually bought two covers from that site, and one from a stock photo site. All three worked very well.

I think later this week I'll be in position to contact the author's estate and see if there is any room to negotiate to either license the work for a sequel, or pay a straight royalty on a sequel. We'll see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me, or knock on wood, or just hope that I'm holding my mouth right when I speak to them. ;-)

Today is 22 days since I started writing this novel.


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