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fine photos messed up...


Today on my Facebook someone posted fine pictures of Ararat.

But then l looked closer and it was something there, man-made.

What is this- I said to myself?

No, it was not the Ark ( as I'm sure all of you were thinking) it was garbage in a ditch grown over with wildflowers.

How sad, how embarrassing. Here is the mountain where Noah and his sons landed after so many days and nights of rain as it was written about, and all Noah and his descendants can do is leaving so much garbage on the hillside.
Show some respect.
Do you shit in your own lunch pail?
Clean it up. Take it with you.

It's one thing to possibly make a poop and bury it in the soil; it's another to dump your soda drinks and other disgustingly wasteful consumer society used products as were so cheaply made by Chinese child slave labors while you selfishly think to yourself how good it is that you paid less - and screw everyone else-, let all the others 'pack it out' their trash; you can't be bothered.

You are a pig, and slob; may your nose fall off your face and a smelly goat crap on your car's seat while you are inside the post office.

Go and look at the Japanese; go look at Scandinavia! You make poops in you own own lunch box!

America, too. We are such an embarrassment... everyone says we are fat, spoiled, lazy, sloppy pigs, an embarrassment to ourselves and to the world throwing our trashes everywhere.

America, pick up your f-ing messes, you sloppy, pig-slobs...


But, but...
Mount Ararat was simply a setting for some old fable told by powerful white men. One of many fables used to oppress the people and promulgate the cisnormative elitist power hierarchy. That place has no real significance. Suggesting it does only delays the healing that The People need.
And "America"? The United States was founded on waste, disrespect and privilege. Why should you be upset that the outer appearance of filth only matches the inner dark rotted soul of an arrogant nation that deserves neither consideration nor respect?

(LOL! Sorry Kev, I couldn't resist. No, I hate pigs as well. And loathe those that don't know how to show decency)

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