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Finally Writing More

I've been, more or less, inspired over the last few days.

I may not believe in sudden inspiration and miraculous bursts of creativity, but I do believe that the mind, however ethereal it may be, is still a physical muscle like anything else. We can flex it or be lazy. Work it out or let it rot.

So, be it diet, circumstances or sudden brain chemicals, or having more access to good music, I seem to have had more mental energy than usual. My daydreams, though always constant, have taken more precise shape and I'm more inclined to give them a level of detail that before I wouldn't have cared for.

Devoting most of this to writing has let me add even more detail to the already complicated world I've created.Too bad I forgot to name them. I simply have New text document, New text document(1)....etc.. Hahaha. I do wish I could share more but most are still those very first drafts and not exactly perfect for another set of eyes yet... *sigh*

As I start another of these sessions I thought I'd write it here for not much of a reason at all.


I've been struggling lately with not finding the right words to express what's going on inside my brain. At the same time I feel like I have nothing to give, even though I give a lot already if that makes sense.

I'm glad creativity has caught you. I've also never looked at it in the way of your mind being a muscle that you work out when you write.It obviously makes sense, but that's a fantastic mentality to have when thinking about what writer's block actually means and if it really exists.

I'm horrible with names, so they are usually just single words, otherwise I'd confuse the shit out of myself with all the documents I've started, hah.

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