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So, I seem to be getting somewhere with my hurricane poems. I have been writing drafts and trying to hit the topic from different angles, cutting (let me try some of the cute little icons here) :ChainGunSmiley: drilling away at the words immersing :emmersed:myself in the subject..... Think I have made some headway. Along this sojourn I have had a few sideline poems pop up in surprise :surprise: always a welcome!

So, in between my continuing reading of the adventures of Kate Daniels, extraordinaire! She and her were-lion fiance' Curran, the retired Beast Lord and her evil father, the famous five thousand year old wizard "Roland" and all their fabulously entertaining friends, it has been quite an eventful week.

I have had the pleasure of checking in on other poets work here, it is so very helpful and insightful to read and share poetry here on Writing Forums. I am so glad that I found this site and am getting to know everyone. It has been so great getting to know folks, and their assistance and input has just been invaluable to me. I really am growing as a writer with their help.

Fun news, I have a great movie to watch tonight, "The Professor and The Madman" Yippee! I'll have to list that on the Movie thread after I watch it.

Ciao everyone -


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