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Fighting Fear !!

When standing on the upper rim on some of the black ski pistes/tracks I sometimes can get terrible frightened by staring down the abys.
How will I ever get down there with the heart still beating, and the style not (too) cramped ??
Style is in reality what I mostly exercise these years.
The speedy days are over, and as I’m a great fan of beauty, I concentrate on looking around & admiring while skiing.
Beauty is everything imo (after freedom and peace of mind :thumbr: )
I can still get scared though, if the declination is 45° and over – AND I cannot see the bottom.
But I also know what I have to do, as I’m not exactly a novice to scary situations :pirate2:.
I have to confront it head on, and take it simple and slow, telling myself all the way down, that there’s nothing to be scared of, that it’s just one parallel swing to the one side, and then one to the other, and so forth … cont. ad libitum :lemo:.
After all I know how to eat an elephant … just one bite at a time :smile: 
So, you see, skiing is not just skiing – it’s a great exercise for conquering the fear head on – and when reaching the bottom, I stretch out, take a deep breath, and let the winner smile erupt on my face … I have done it … again !!!


I think you have a pretty good analogy there with comparing skiing to some of the obstacles in life. I skied when I was in high school and was on the racing team, it is how I met my wife. I have many fond memories of skiing back then because it was something that we shared together.

The points you bring up, taking one obstacle at a time is so true in skiing, we seldom had what would have been considered good skiing conditions. We had to become experts at skiing with icy conditions.
The fear back then was real, we had to go fast to be competitive, yet be in enough control to still make the gate. It was always a balance between bravado and restraint. Restraint meant you would finish but not win. Bravado could lead to better placing provided you could pull it off.

Life does not seem to be that different, you can play it safe with your job and always have one. You can take risks and climb to the to top.. You might make it, or be looking for a job. I have never regretted taking the chance, maybe pushing it a little further than I should. Both in life and in skiing I have had some dramatic crashes, I have also won. I can look back at the times I played it safe.... "all" of those times I regretted it. I have never won anything in life worth having while playing it safe.
Yeah, skiing can be a metaphore for life, sure :)
and as you so rightly bring up Bob, it's one obstacle at a time.
That's why I didn't seriously start skiing before I was retired ... for being able to concentrate.
So now its skiing during the winter, and randonnée/hiking/orienteering during non-winter ... with some running in between :)

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