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Fiction Theory. {Long}

I have a general theory on how a powerful being can be created. So, uh, here it is.

According to fiction, as I have gathered, aside from specific forms of energy, most humans or humanoid creatures have base energy types that the body generates and maintains in a small field.

Physical, mental, spiritual, and magical. I will refer to mental powers and mental energy as psionic. A fictional term, but no other term has been assigned to this energy aside from 'mental energy' which is drab in my opinion.

Physical, is of course our bodies physical energy. ATP.

Psionic energy goes through our brain and nerves just like atp. Mental energy can influence the body. People with sufficent psionic powers heal faster, and can mentally will themselves to mutate, or grow stronger, basically using telekinesis to influence their own dna or to redirect where their energy is going.

It can be inherently positive or negative, and be 'charged' or given power through negative or positive emotions. Although using psionic energy in an emotional state is more powerful, it is also more dangerous.

The mind, like a physical muscle, can be strained, pulled, or even torn. Broken. Shattered. People who push themselves too much simply go insane. Thus, it is recommended to heavily practice psionic abilities and not push yourself too far to avoid such mental injuries.

According to Naruto, the mix of physical and mental energy is called chakra. But the term chakra itself also refers to specific points in the body where your energy gathers and flows through.

Magical energy, referred to often as mana, is not generated at high levels by everyone. Most people don't have very much mana without training, and people who are sensitive to and capable of manipulating magical energies, that is, mages, are normally rare among humans. Fantasy races seem to have a higher sensitivity to magic and greater natural ability than humans, though human ingenuity often leads to human mages being more powerful simply due to their creative use of magic.

Magic can also be, by nature, positive or negative, human, angelic, demonic even. Black magic, white magic, etc.

What I have gathered is that most speculations about magic are incorrect. The biggest one being that iron is an anti-magic.

In truth, it is nothing more than a mental inhibitor. Iron only inhibits magic because people believe that it does. One who realizes the truth is not at all inhibited in their magical ability by any form of metal.

Spiritual energy is generated by the soul, or spirit. It governs our sensitivity to spiritual energy and thus, any souls that remain in the physical world due to unfinished business. People with stronger spiritual energy can become more powerful beings after death. Gods. Or monsters. A soul or even a living human that resorts to feeding on other souls is called a hollow.

The most powerful 'monsters' have gathered many souls and are, in of themselves, just a general consciousness guiding a large amount of souls. Most of them are mindless or insane, but one that gathers enough souls can eventually regain a near-human appearance.

That is our energy.

Our body is made up of several parts, not all physical.

Our consciousness is died to the physical brain, but normally will separate from the body with the soul.

But a persons consciousness can remain inside the body or elsewhere if the soul is removed by other means. The most common: someone 'selling' their soul.

A consciousness that separates from the physical body, without the soul, becomes nothing but a well of mental and magical energy. This is known as an archon.

Then, there is the heart. The core of emotion. The consciousness, or an archon, continues to imitate the emotions it had while it still had a heart, but can rid itself of emotion entirely.

But, the heart, if removed from the body, can be consumed by any form of negative or positive energy, light or shadow in any form, and even gain self-awareness as a being in of itself.

This is mostly explored in Kingdom Hearts, where hearts consumed by darkness gain physical form.

So my theory is this:

Take a human subject that has a high amount of every form of energy.

Give his body mutational powers. This is normally achieved with a virus of some kind that overtakes the body. The Mercer virus, a Zerg virus.. even a Symbiote.

Remove his consciousness and use it to form an archon, gathering energy what whatever dimensions it can.

Remove his soul, and let it become hollow. Let it eat other souls and become powerful.

Remove his heart. Let it be consumed with posiive energy, preferably.

Let his body mutate and grow. Without it's various pieces, the body will be weak. Mindless. This is why it has to be infected, to remain alive, mutate, and grow stronger.

When each individual piece has matured... put him back together.

The process of refusing these pieces would take a great amount of energy from each one.

The finished product would have the potential to become extremely powerful.

However, because of this energy needed, the reformed person will be weak.

His memories prior to separation, and the memories of each individual piece, will most likely be forgotten due to having each being form together.

This will be a completely different person than before. But, it would be a human capable of achieving power greater than a god.

...I think way too much about this crap. Maybe I'll write a story about this guy.

Although amnesia is kinda cliche...


You have a lot of elements there.. to 'kill' a man (remove his heart) and reconstruct him, alien infection ( a lot of possibility for asides) The leap (crossing out of reality) is at least as believable (explained) as some(my opinion) weaker, yet successful scenarios (Potter, Star wars, Dianetics). I think it's solid.
This opened up a whole new perspective and dimension to fictional character development for me. Good stuff.

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