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Feeling short-changed, as guilty as sin,and i'm seething....

Okay, you all know how the weather is right now,and i was out in it all last night, same as any other night. But after a week of it, it gnaws, it really does. So, i get home this morning feeling, how can i put this? A little frayed shall we say? The wind, still howling like a banshee, had some how manage, during the night, put lift one of those children's trampolines over and/or through a six foot larchlap panel and plonk it down on next-doors' lawn. Shit happens, like aids, it's everywhere.
Well anyway, bugger washing and shaving. It's much as my state of mind could bear just to drag a brush through my grimy matted mop. I had a couple o' cups of tea, glossed through the daily mail, and went to catch my bus, and now it was raining, lashing down. Brilliant. Can't believe how cold it is.
I get into town, go to the library, i spotted a 5p piece on one of the steps, i'm not proud,but i found nothing to read. Busting a gut for a pee and the public bog is temporarily out of order. Then, at frydays, i have to wait for my chips. Ho'hum. No sign of Downan today, so i was able to sit and eat my chips, without the guilt. Then i found a bottom of the range paper mate pen, that actually worked. Happy days.:)
Chips consumed, polystyrene carton disposed of in the appropriate manner, and i was ready to go shopping. I turn to walk into town, and panic-stations, a woman that i sometimes chat with whilst waiting for my bus to work, was walking straight towards me. I couldn't speak of her as friend, could hardly call her an aquaintance, she's just some old biddy who catches the same bus as me every other Wednesday night, but what was i to do? If i acknowledged her, and said hello, might she think me presumptuous, and take offence?If walk past her, and not speak, might that not offend her? Oh for god's sake, a side alley and a detour was the order of the day.
By this time i had my brolly up, got my quid bag o' spuds, and got myself to the bus-stop homewards, pronto.
It was such a relief to be on the bus and going home when i got a text on my mobile, " If you're still in town shopping, could you get me some cocktail sticks? If not, it doesn't matter." Well, i WASN'T, still in town, shopping.And as for it not mattering, yeah.
I decided to stop off at a Sainsbury's on the way home. Wouldn't be too much of a hardship, twenty minute delay, at most, and i'd never been in that particular store, what the hell?
So feeling totally cream-crackered, good deed doneventually, i really was going home now , i left the store, and went to put my umbrella up, and would you believe it? I'd left it on the bus, my umbrella, my ******* umbrella, mis-layed,lost,gone, ARGH!
I'd nodded off on the bus again. Woke with a start, rung the bell for the next stop, and in my rush to do good, had left it there, on the back seat.
So to summarise; up 5p and one used papermate, down one umbrella. Goodbye old friend.:torn:
Saturdays, i usually cook some ASDA curly chips, yeah, more chips, she'd made me a pie to carve up and eat with the chips and now i just can't face it. I told her what had happened, she was very apologetic, and i told her there really was no need. I ANGRY, mad,seething angry, and she knew it, but not with her. Now, there's a very uncomfortable silence in the house.
She busying herself downstairs, and i'm about to have some chips,without the pie, then it'll be cheap gutrot cider time, MY time, and to hell with everything.

Sorry about all that, do i feel better now? What do you think?



to summarise; up 5p and one used papermate, down one umbrella
Kharma...happens to me all the time. As if to say "You shall not rise." Who knew we were blody Hindus?
By the way, blog away...(heh , see that: i's a poet. :) )
re:You shall not rise",

Tell me about it,two steps forwards, and three back.

Thanks for looking in guys.

As for blogging away,
it just depends on how i am.
There are times when i see/hear/feel so much,
and then other times it's as though all of my senses have totally fallen asleep, there is absolutely nothing, and there's no in between.
Famine or feast, always, not that the ditherings can be seen as any sort of feast, in any way,shape or form.
And guys, as shallow my mutterings are, please, feel free to criticise eh?.
Criticize ...right. Um...skip a space after each punctuation mark, and....uhmmm...be sure to sure to capitalize words like I've, I, I'm etc. Happy? Now... back to the story.
I shall try to bear that in mind Kevin, thank you.

And the content,
i'm never totally satisfied, or rather, i do hope that i manage to put out something that some-one will find readable occasionally, y'know?:neutral:
And the content,
i'm never totally satisfied, or rather, i do hope that i manage to put out something that some-one will find readable occasionally, y'know?
I knew. Worried you didn't. What you said.

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