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feeling scared....

When every interruption to normality, even the slightest irritation turns into a tsunami, and all I want to do is run and hide. That's where I'm at right now. Yes It'll pass and what doesn't pass I shall deal with obviously. Oh how I yearn for peace of mind. Often, like now, I just wish that I could run away from the life that I have. But where would I go? And who's to say that it would make any difference? I AM the problem. It's not the world's fault. Yes I know that.
Also, I think about talking to a doctor. Am I simply experiencing panic attacks? Fight or flight? We all know how I stand with that one. Is it my age? I fear tomorrow? Why? I don't KNOW why. Maybe I just need to find a way of calming myself. And maybe that means some form of drug. I don't know.

My life.

Sorry about this.
I needed to let it all out.
Maybe SOMEONE knows how I 'm feeling.


I don't know how you're feeling. I personally thrive on the unpredictable, I would go crazy if I did not, as nothing in my life ever goes as planed, so I figure that is the normal state.

That being said, it is time to get help, time to recognize that what your feeling is not normal nor healthy.

I am sure your not the only one, this road has been traveled by many. Life is a great and grand experience, it would be a shame to miss out on it if there was a chance to make you feel more at ease with what is happening.

Dither you are in my prayers, it has always been one of the things I have leaned on in tough times
Fear is not the same as acknowledgement.

Only you can dictate the circumstances that affect your life. If those circumstances are perpetuated by others, then remove yourself from them.

My depression is unrelenting, but offsetting it with rage and indifference keeps me mobile, active, and sane.
Sorry for the outburst.
I suppose I'm just a selfish old misery guts paying for my sins.
If I could ever get a fresh start I'd waste it. We are what we are.
It just gets a bit too much sometimes and at best it all seems quite pointless.
We all have our biases and filters. Talking to an (impartial) doctor can't hurt.
You might not like what they say, but listening can only help.
I'm grabbing this cliché by the horns, but YOU need to take care of YOURSELF. You are worth the work, and there is no need to live feeling badly about yourself.
And no, I'm not judging you if you choose to do nothing. But I think we'd all like to see you less down.
Yeah, I know this is hardly the place for whinging. I DO try to keep a lid on things.
dither;bt13026 said:
Yeah, I know this is hardly the place for whinging. I DO try to keep a lid on things.

This is your space to say whatever you want, and as long as you post, I'll read what you have to say.

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