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Feeling like a little girl before christmas day.

So I had a pretty bad birthday but now I am looking forward to getting my late birthday present of Final Fantasy XV (which should arrive in the post tomorrow) I never get excited over new games but this time I feel jumpy and excited, just like I can remember feeling when I was about ten on Christmas Eve when you would be too excited to sleep because you knew that you would be getting something awesome the next day. That is how I feel tonight on the Eve of getting this game. I can not wait to play the new format of fighting and moving around in the world. Of discovering the new characters and locations of the new story that I will be playing through. That is what gets me the most is a new story to explore.

I love games that have gripping story lines, just like a new book but on the telly and not just a film but something that you get involved with. You control the story to a certain extent it's like creating your own tale for a brief time.

What have you been this excited for this year?


sometimes birthdays can be like that and you are looking forward to a present arriving....cool.....so can i be excited for you in answer to your question....stay safe HB
I dd allow it Esc the game arrived on time and I hve been lost in it for the ast two days, loving it. Best present :)
The system I own is xbox one and is too american for my tastes as far as it being a clone of genres exclusive to the system (clone of american games). Prove me wrong but I think they don't even excite the member base of the nintendo systems, which the king of systems was the supernintendo. That was the renaissance equivalent of the gaming industry. There was originality, and a wide variety to choose from. It saddens me the state of the industry in microsoft is not in capable hands. If I make a list of games for xbox one it is hard to come up with recommendations for "nostalgia gamers." That niche belongs to the 3ds, which I eventually made big mistakes, and bought into my craving for rpgs, tactical shooters, puzzles, and that sort of thing. As the japanese market is stagnating a bit, because nintendo is faltering. I hope, the future of gaming is in good hands because companies dont want to take risks. Which was a big mistake. I believe for more people to own a nintendo system, they need to make it a success by following trends of past games. Instead of these gimmicks they throw at people.

The bottomline is games sell, but they need to be retrofitted. What do I mean? They need to follow the past, which with lack of 3rd parties has caused problems. They need to do partnerships, to fill in the gaps, of their lineup, and emulate the past mentally speaking, corporate egocentirsm will only serve to deliver success for so long when the monopoly for this niche ends I expect, less fun for us gamers.

I hope nintendo gives consumer input to these companies. They use to be my favorite company. Listen to actual talent from game developers and not fans is my bottomline.

The new generation of gamers buys xbox one is my hypothesis, and its a shame they rule the market. We need sophisticated games.
Old memories and other good reasons exist still make me want to play videogames since I experienced good ones and they held up and aged well from the company that made them a hobby for me. My favorite videogame of all time is simple, and is Mario 3, and it clicks with a lot of people. I think people are afraid of the hobby because they need to experience things rather than spend time with them. It can do wonders to make a person feel they can have friends or share a friendly moment and helps people who are mentally stressed or just having fun, and that is enough to make me play the videogames if they are good or make an impulse purchase. The metaphor to me I made is that it's like entering someone else's dream, where you can have fun is the metaphor I'd like to use without causing any inconvenience. It's a good occupational hobby, therapy. My favorite games to me I will say are like movies, except I'd pay a lot to play a good videogame than a movie, since it lasts a long time and is a unique art form for me. I consider anything that amuses people and distracts them as fun. I think people need to use it to lighten up their moods, and emotions. And that is a feeling that makes me play, if it immerses.

A lot of who are adults most of us don't have free time, and most work jobs, videogames need to make up for this in some way. That's why early games were like Mario 3 hard difficult and possible to beat in a few hours. If you had the skill, and practice. It looks like a cartoon, but I think people just never have time enough time. They rather see a 2 hour movie, than play a videogame. If they made it short like a book, people would probably buy it. That's my theory but each person will have a different reason why to play or why not. It's a big problem, to get adults to play who didn't like that generation. But imo it has to do with their background. Not every game is made the same. Out of the ones made there are some very few ones people do consider classic anonymously years afterwards. And some people depending on their age, might play let's say with their father but he would play not finish the game alone from experience. I figure people need to make time, and justify the value of the game. I think videogames are a thing that people need to learn about and needs to be simple to pick up and play and for people who want to play so that they can live with less worry, and feel rewarded.

Nowadays there's too much going against videogames. I'd put demos for more people to try games, if I were the company, and create my own rating system. Like a videogame shop where playing the game justifies the experience by people who care about the really good videogames.

Computers is where videogames belong. It's the biggest system. But if companies with commercial interests were smarter, I'd pick up the best games and sell them in a videogame store, something I can't do since I am not a computer code programmer. A lot of games get ignored. And a lot of people ignore them.

As for what I'd play, it's anything made by Nintendo and I wish they were the leading company, but you need to innovate in business to succeed. They don't make pc games. They are too worried they'd lose market share.

I like to play videogames because they have imagination, without this I consider a game less good. (as in the best ones I have liked do some world building that makes them a good videogames (if they play well and are unique, and innovate and don't stagnate and are creative). It has to play different to what is out there. Which old games often are, and new games are getting their remasters. But it's tough to do except with old games. Or 2nd dimension games.

The website could be a videogamer and user critique list. That provides demos. I tried to answer your question but immersion is like the movie and book experience for someone such as myself. I know not everyone will like videogames but its because of social circumstances getting in a person's way and not because they are afraid of people's opinions and need to try it out if they have time.

And let's not forget replay value. Games often lack them but puzzle games do have them (puzzle genre games with adventure do exist and have elements). I'd go for classic 2d games, because they need a smaller team to make, and also they can with a big team be polished into a classic. Not to mention retro gaming has made them hard and easy to get for many. Hard to get because they are hundreds of dollars in some cases, easy as they are sometimes available on the good and older systems depending on what people consider their favorite system and games on those videogame systems. Zelda ocarina of time is one of the few I know off that fits the list and is puzzle based and adventure (missing quests etc, and even they made a whole zelda game puzzle based), but it is unique, has a high reputation, has been remastered, on ds, and has held up more than ten years after the release. Well that's my example and definition for it.
I don't really understand most of what your saying TGH however each to their own and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing FFXV :) hope you enjoy your gaming too.

Hahaha Esc love the "game on"


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